5 Travel Apps To Help You Save Money On Your Next Trip

If you have been saving for months for the upcoming vacation, you will surely want to make most of every dollar spent. The last thing you will want is to spend the hard-earned money on unnecessary things while planning your next trip. Thankfully, to help you plan things better, there are a plenty of apps to help you cut down on travel expenses. You will be surprised to know that there are apps for each stage of the trip, right from booking of flight or train to booking a hotel and buying tickets to visit the museums.


Top 5 travel apps to help you save money on your next trip that you must install on your smartphone are:

  1. Hipmunk: It is one of the most popular apps and has got good reviews from Forbes, Times and CNN. This app lets you find the best flight and hotel deals as it allows you to compare prices on a number of travel sites across the world wide web. The app aims to make the booking process for your next holiday hassle free, efficient and faster. When booking the flight, the app not just takes into account the price; it also takes into account the flight duration and layovers. While on the other hand while the app lists the hotel results by a combination of amenities, reviews, and price. The app even gives you fare alerts if there is any change in the prices. It is not all; the app even let you save up to 60% off on hotels with last minute deals.
  2. HotelTonight: If you are one of those who makes last minute travel plans, then this app is for you. This app has partnered with some hotels around the world that help you make the reservations in the unsold rooms. The app shows your discounted prices for that night, next night or up to a week. The maximum you can book is for five nights. The app can even offer you special bonuses where you can get some dinning credits or a free bottle of wine.
  3. Gas Buddy: This app let you check the list of gas prices in real time for almost all areas of the USA. The application users submit the current gas price to the website, which is then updated on the app automatically. The app is user-friendly as you can search by either zip code or city. The app also allows you to add favorites to your saved areas and gas stations that you frequently visit.
  4. Viator: Do you want to experience all the sites during the trip, but don’t have a clue where to start from? Viator app can come to your rescue. The app allows you to discover more than 20,000 top-rated tours and activities in more than 1500 destinations worldwide. The app offers you a range of services like VIP experiences to Skip the line passes at well-known attractions. The app also comes with lowest price guarantee.
  5. Spot Hero: Are you tired of paying extravagant charges for hotel parking? Then this app is a must-have. This app allows you to look for some cheaper and closest parking options in the area chosen. The app also offers cashless parking as it allows the users to pay through the app by scanning the barcode at the parking site.

Apart from the above-mentioned apps, there are several other ways to save money while traveling. Head over to Savvy Expeditioner to explore more such travelers tips and hacks that will help you travel on a budget.