Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Call for Code 2019

Well, As you all know in this age of internet, everything is available on the internet or what we call Google. We get to solve all our day to day queries, get anything on the internet from shopping smartphones to grocery items and what not. Everything nowadays is all available on the internet, apps or what developers know as IoT which is the Internet of things. All these small things are now changing how we think and change our mindset and would continue to evolve so ahead in the coming time. Digital is the future of everything!

All About IBM Call for Code 2019

IBM Call for Code 2019 is an initiative founded by IBM and David Clark Cause, which is an annual challenge with commitment from IBM for the association of 5 years, to nurture the good talents into the development field, giving them a great platform to grow which can help the company to get their desired solution built and deployed to scale. With this initiative, Developers can use their best skills of the latest technologies which can create long-lasting change in the world.

call for code 2019

Now, this is the second year of this challenge and it asks all the best-talented software developers, data scientists and technologists from around the world to come forward and take part in this global challenge, and build solutions that help communities prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters.

This challenge will be providing the necessary support to all the talented developers interested to participate in this, to build and deploy the best solutions to real life problems like natural disasters. This solution will be built as an open source technology and the winners will be assisted by tech experts in open source like the IBM’s own open source team, Red hat foundation and many more.

In the last year’s Call for Code challenge, More than 100K people across the globe participated, wherein the Project Owl (Organization, Whereabouts, and Logistics) won the Call for Code Global Award for creating a great offline emergency communication system. This Project OWL solution creates an offline communication infrastructure during natural disasters, providing a simple and reliable interface to request assistance from the right authorities in the state of an emergency.

Why Participate in Call for Code?

As you all know there are a constant string of natural disasters happening almost every year at some or the other part of the world, like what happened in California in 2017, the floods and the worst earthquakes that have happened which costed the country over $1 billion in damages.

In such cases, the right information and the dissemination of the information are the keys which can help us deal with it. We have so many tech advancements happening in various fields which can help survivors and the disaster response crews in tackling the immediate challenges during a natural disaster in a better and effective way.

“IBM is hoping for solutions that not only inform people with real-time event updates impacting their region, but ones that help save lives ahead of and in the aftermath of disasters. Artificial intelligence, AI-powered chatbots and natural language processing (NLP) could be used to improve real-time communications between first responders, victims, relief agencies and more.” – Mr. Omkar Nimbalkar, Vice President, IBM Cognitive Application.

There is literally no technology today that can predict natural disasters in the world, but there are people like us who can prevent this, and be prepared for any kind of disasters. We, developers, can actually make this happen by participating in this global call for code 2019 challenge and thereby winning the $200K cash prize which will be presented at Call for Code event.

This Call for Code 2019 initiative also has support from the United Nations Human Rights Office, American Red Cross’ international team which will be presented at Call for Code event.

Challenge Details

How to Participate in the Call for Code 2019?

So Here are the steps to participate in the Call for Code 2019 challenge-

  1. Create a free account on IBM Cloud, Check out the Scope of Competition, the rules, schedule, and other things
  2. You can use the Code Patterns and other resources in the disaster areas and learn more about it.
  3. Meet experts in the community and do your research on the idea, and look for any updates on the IBM forum.
  4. Now when its time that your solution is ready to be submitted, don’t forget to submit all the necessary details like Title, Description, Demo of the application, roadmap and your contact information through the Call for Code submission page.

    Thereafter, the team leader will be getting a confirmation email intimating them about the successful submission of their solution

Winning Prizes and Deadline-

So there will be only 1 winning team which will be getting $200K USD as a cash prize and will be invited to the global announcement program, along with support from Linux foundation for investment, mentorship, and implementation support.

Both first and second runners up will receive a cash prize of $25K USD each along with the invitation to the global announcement program.

Third and fourth runners up will receive a cash prize of $10K USD along with an invitation to the global event.

29th July 2019 is the last date to submit your solution, so hurry up!