Get Free Recharges of Rs.150 and Rs.120 from Wechat and Line FREE

Yeah! You heard right you can get this recharges free.You have to pay nothing. Just you have to send stickers and do a voice call daily.

free recharge from line and wechat tech glows

Below is in brief description.

How to get free recharge from line worth Rs.120 :

1.Download and install Line from Google play.

2.Register and complete your profile.

3.Add friends

4.Now make a new group adding at least 3 members.

5.Ask them to accept group invitation.

You’re done! Now send Stickers daily to this group at least 1 sticker a day.
Within in 5 days you will get Rs.30 recharge. This continues for 4 times.
That means 4 x 30 = Rs.120 .
Woila! You’ve got free recharge of rs.120

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How to get free recharge worth Rs.150 from WeChat :

1.Download and install wechat from Google play.

2.Register and complete your profile.

3.Add your friends.

4.Now do a voice call or a video call with a friend from we chat for at least 1 min.

And immediately you will be credited Rs.10.Do this activity daily for 10 days and you will get Rs.100 Free

After 10 days you have make group chat with at least 5 members and send a sticker daily.Then you will be credited Rs.5 for sending a sticker for each day.Likewise send stickers to that group daily for 10 days and you will get Rs.50 free.

Totally you will get Rs.150 from we chat for performing this small activities.

How to Redeem Free Talk Time from Line and Wechat :

Its very easy guys 😉 Just follow the instructions.

How to Recharge / Redeem Balance in Line :

After sending stickers continuously for 5 days you will get a message from Line India Official account that you got this recharge.

Then click on the link in that message and enter your phone number and it’s carrier and just click recharge. Done!
You will be recharge immediately or within 1 hour.

Problems and their solutions for redeeming / Recharging from Line free talk time balance :

Sometimes due to server issues and your phone’s cache,your recharge would get failed with an error “Sorry something went wrong.please try again after 10 minutes”.

Don’t get worried for this error just clear your phone’s cache using clean master app and then try again. By this method you will surely get recharged.

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How to redeem / recharge balance in we chat :

After doing the above activity daily you will be able to get the balance.
First go to chat section and select we chat team.Then a new window opens where you have to click recharge and it will show two options from that select my balance.Another windows opens now click redeem and enter your phone number and carrier. That’s it.
You will get your free talk time balance with in no time.

Problems while redeeming balance from we chat :

Hey! As for now there are no problems with it.If you happened to come across a problem just comment down here and we will surely help you 🙂

Update :
For those who are experiencing problems with wechat redemption. Do the below things.

1.Enter Correct linked wechat number (The number which was registered at the time of sign up)

2.Enter your number and carrier correctly.

If you get errors while redeeming just clear your phone’s cache and reboot and then try again.

Final verdict :
If you do as directed above ,I guarantee you that will get this free recharges of Rs.120 and Rs.150 surely. Any suggestions or any new ideas are appreciated,just comment below with your feedback. we are here to help you buddy! 😉

  • Hi Abdul,
    This is wonderful offer for all of us.
    We can get 120 and 150Rs. free with just little work.
    Wonderful information.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Areesha Noor

    • Hello Areesha,

      It’s our pleasure to share such things with you. Stay tuned with us for more tech tricks and reviews.

      Abdul Ghani.

  • sahil

    We chat redeem not working
    Not able to click on redeem option in my balance
    Plz help me out

  • Sushant Patil

    I am not able to redeem my rs 150 free recharge problem showing that I cant see the recharge window.

  • sasuke

    hey …thanks for the trick…i completed we chat offer and on redeem window i had to fill 2 column showing 91 as prefix…why do i had to fill 2 numbers?? what that means pls help…and can i recharge with that amount to any other number???

  • Anil Jat

    i have not got my rs 150 recharge balance from wechat yet it is showing recharge successful…how can this problem be resolved?

  • Ashish

    I m not able to redeem my 150 from wechat. Whenever i click on My balance nothing happens. It’s says loading but nothing appears. I tried several times and also tried some others options but nothing works. Kindly help me out.

    • sukanthkrish

      hey dude, me too experiencing the same problem.. i mailed them many response.. did you find any solution ?

  • Along amri

    I still dint got the rechage balance thought they are showing rechage successfull in wechat.. I hv done the rechage for my idea northeast number but it’s still bending.! It’s been over 3 days now. I tnk this is a cheat

  • Chrysty

    What is wechat linked number (it appears while we go to redeem page in wechat).plz rp asap

    • Hey!
      Wechat linked number is the phone number which you registered with we chat at the time of sign up.

  • maahi

    i didnt get balance after complistion of each task in wechat.. Its now about 10 hours to redeemed. Still i didnt get balance..

  • ellie khan

    I dnt get my balance in we chat, i hv done all the points in redeem page,nothing something,i want my recharge ????

  • chandu

    I din’t get my money in wechat.

  • mohsin khan

    My balence is not show and not reddem please help me

    • Hey! Mohsin,
      You have to open my balance tab and there you can redeem your balance.

  • nice post to get free recharge..thanks for sharing:)

  • shamshad shaduli

    he , I did’nt get my redeem balance 50