How To Reset KIK Messenger Password?

The KIK users commonly asked about resetting the KIK Messenger password. Admit it, we all share this common issue that we forget to logout frequently. Honestly, it creates privacy issues in the future if someone else got the credentials.

How To Reset KIK Messenger Password

That’s why users are always asked to change the password periodically. It reduces the security risks. It will take a few minutes to change the password. So I think everyone should care about resetting the passwords.

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In this article, we are going to discuss how to reset the KIK password and tips related to it.


Before we check into the main section. Let’s discuss more about the reasons for resetting the passwords. It is very often to receive scam emails and messages. I have seen hundreds of messages having a link to a fake web page. Those messages tell the user to change the password using that link. So what exactly happens? You land on the fake web page and enter the email plus old password. As a result, your KIK for PC credentials have been leaked. So, remember always, resetting of password can be done in KIK app or website.

If you ever feel that your account has been hacked. Immediately inform KIK team for such accident. So they can take appropriate action.

Password Tips:

Before changing the password, check out following tips:

  • Your new password must be longer than six characters.
  • To make strong password, use letters and numbers.
  • It is advisable to use upper case and lower case letters in same password.
  • Your new password should not resemble to your previous one.

To make an absolutely strong password, you may try password generators. But the most important part, always saves the new password for future use. Otherwise, again, you will have to reset the password.

Steps To Reset KIK Password:

So coming to the main section. Here are the simple steps to change or reset your password:

  • If you want to reset the KIK password. Go the KIK website which is solely made for resetting the password. Here you will be asked to enter the email address. In email, you will receive the email link for resetting the password. Simply follow the link and reset the password.
  • In the second option, open up the KIK application. Logout of the application. Now tap on the settings icon. T the bottom you will see the option of reset password. Now simply follow the instructions. The main concern associated is that it will delete your chat history. So,if you want to keep the data, use the first option.

Password Reset Issue:

Android users face the common problem that they are unable to reset the password. How this is possible? While resetting, when user receives email to reset the password. The link in the email may not allow the user to enter a new password. This issue is frequently with Android users only. We don’t know why this issue is in first place! Android smartphones have this error.

So how  we can deal with this? It is recommended to open that reset link in another device and reset the password. Later you can login with the new password in your own device.