Review of Delhi Technological University

About Delhi Technological University :

It was established on 1941 with name Delhi polytechnic and later it was affiliated with University of Delhi. Since from 2009, the DCE has become Delhi Technological University.

Delhi Technological University

Quality of Education :

This is a very important aspect because one of the many  reasons given for changing DCE to Delhi Technological University had been to ‘improve the quality of education.’However, from the big alterations you can feel that the overall quality of education has come down.

There’s something remarkable in soft branches like IT, Math & Computing,Computer Science and Software engineering but they are generally fine, and these branches require minimal input in terms of infrastructure.

Recently, many big industries refused to hire students of this college for lack of proper training facilities for these students and an undefined structure in the syllabus of the branch.

Generally, you will have a tough time becoming a skilled engineer in fields, like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Production as the college does not have adequate infrastructure. You will have to be highly self motivated as most of your college studies will be totally theoretical without any practical knowledge gain predicated.

The professors are excellent in all departments and if you are one of those people who can handle the very real Indian administrative bureaucracy culture that exists in this college, then it becomes very easy to you. After all, there are some better things available here:

  • Wi-Fi and Wi-Max Connectivity
  • Central library with big collection of books
  • Computer Center
  • Gymnasium with high-tech equipment
  • Separate boys and girls hostel
  • TIFAC CORE Laboratories
  • EDUSAT Studio
  • Intel Planet Lab
  • Health Center
  • Guest House
  • Shopping plaza in the Campus
  • Confectionery and snacks shop
  • Post Office and Bank with ATM
  • Bio Diesel Laboratory
  • Knowledge Park

DTU Courses Available:

1. Mechanical Engineering:

2. Electrical Engineering:

3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering:

4. Electronics & Communication:

5. Soft branches (Software, IT, Computers Science):

6. Civil Engineering

7. Automobile Engineering:

8. Production Engineering:

9. Engineering Physics:

10. Bio-Tech Engineering:

11. Polymer and Chemical Technology:

12. Environmental Engineering

13. Mathematics & Computing:

You can get more information about this college from CollegeDunia‘s online portal. What are your views about this college? Did you liked this Delhi Technological University? Speak! out below in comments section.