Xiaomi Mi 3 Expectations and Reality – Read this Before you Buy

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On August 26, 2014
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Its the cheapest high end smartphone available in the market.
It competes with Samsung S5,Nexus 5,HTC one M8 and many branded phones.But lacks in availability.

Mid Range Smart Phones that comes under 15,000 has a very decent specifications but the brand new Xiaomi Mi 3 has changed the market. Its the Cheapest High end phone in the Smartphones market ever. It competes with the big brands like Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, etc. Though its a new Chinese brand but it is claiming that major parts of its devices are from Big Companies like LG,Sony,Philips,etc.

Xiaomi Mi 3 Specifications :

Coming to Specifications part. The most Eye catching one is it’s Qualcomm Snap Dragon 800 2.3 GHz processor. And the second big thing is 2 GB RAM. It comes with a 13 MP Rear Camera with Dual LED Flash and 2 MP Front Camera. The Display is of 5 inches IPS Full HD (1080p) with 441 ppi.

Xiaomi Mi 3 Expectations and Reality – Read this Before you Buy
Image Credits : BurpTech.com

It has internal memory of 16 GB but it can’t be expanded through Micro SD card. Another thing is it’s battery is non removable. It is a single sim phone with a Standard Sim.

As for Software part it comes with Android 4.4.2 with its own MIUI version 5. The company claims to update it soon to MIUI6.

The Big factor that is changing the trend is its Price. Yeah! I’ts price is Just Rs.13,999/-. It is available exclusively on Flipkart. It has partnered with Flipkart applying a new marketing strategy. Unlike other Smartphones this smartphone is not available to buy when you wish from online or a local store. But it is available only at flipkart that too in limited time. And to it’s goodness, Last time it was on sale just for seconds and many number of units were sold.

I think Xiaomi Mi 3 is loosing it’s valuable customers by applying this non sense strategy. As there are many people who want to buy it as soon as possible. On one hand Xiaomi is building its customers by its brand new Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone and on the Other hand its loosing its Customers due to their impatience.

Xiaomi’s Customer feedback on its failed marketing Strategy

Ok, ok but there are many people who seems to be very lucky and grabbed this phones in 2-3 tries. But what the hell! they are saying after buying and using it?

According to Xiaomi Mi 3’s Customers most of them are receiving defective pieces with so many new problems. The common problems among them are Ear piece not working, unable to make or hear calls, unresponsive Screens, very thin quality Screen which is cracking off even when it is kept in pockets, Sim Tray Problems, Camera Performance issues, many software bugs.

Below are some proofs from social media sites showing the anger of Xiaomi Mi 3’s customers.

Even Certified Buyers from Flipkart are disappointed about Xiaomi Mi 3 and they are claiming that Flipkart Customer Feedback is very poor. Most of the people who had got a defective Mi 3 where neither Replaced nor Refunded. They are very unhappy as they lost their money in this faulty piece.

Below are Some proofs from flipkart about the Xiaomi Mi 3 reviews.

Also the company which claimed the screen to be a Gorilla Glass looks fake while checking its users feedback.

Xiaomi Mi 3’s customer angry about its screen
This phone was cracked while it was kept in his pocket.
A user showing his cracked Xiaomi Mi 3 and complaing about its expensive replacement price.

It seems Flipkart is also ignoring its customers by not replacing or refunding them. Oh!Gosh! chinese will be chinese only 😛 😀

Here is a presentation by Yash Raj from TechProbex


Now,Should I Buy this Phone?

Choice is Yours, You may be the lucky person who had got Xiaomi Mi 3 without any defects or problems. But what if you are one of those unlucky person? Commonly if you are a middle class man then you will skip it and will not buy this phone. But if you are a rich man who does not cares about money, then you may buy it, test it and enjoy it – if you got a good piece 😛

What Do you think about it? Should users buy this phone? Should they believe Xiaomi and Flipkart?
Comment down with your valuable suggestions and your experience with this phone.

  • Hi Abdul,
    This post was really an eye opener for me! Truly, I didnt even think that Xiaomi will use such cheap strategy to boost its sales.As far as I know, Xiaomi is also accused of copying Apple’s UI, which took years to form. Despite their neglection, it has been a source of criticism by many. At the very moment when I came to know about this news, I smelled.

    • Hello Yashraj,
      Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback bro.I’m glad that you liked it.You are absolutely right my dear.Stay tuned to TechGlows.com for more reviews and tech updates.

      Best Regards,
      Abdul Ghani.

      • Hi there,

        Just wait and watch for my next article! I would post on this soon!

  • great review! thank you for sharing!

    • Hello,
      Priya Shiva,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback.Stay tuned to Tech Glows for more reviews,tech updates and tricks.

      Abdul Ghani.

  • This is why I stick to known brands from reputable retailers (and buy with a credit card so you have that extra protection).

    • Hello Scott,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback.Stay tuned with us for more reviews and tech things.

      Abdul Ghani.

  • Very useful Review for New Buyers.

    • Hi Naveen,
      Thank you for sharing your feedback.Be in touch with TechGlows.com for more tech updates.

      Abdul Ghani.

  • Thanks, I will tell every one to stay away from this one!

    • Hi Esha,
      Welcome and thanks in returns for your feedback.Stay tuned to TechGlows.com for more reviews and tech updates.
      Abdul Ghani.

  • Ali Abdallah Al Kaseri

    Hi Bro

    Firstly thanks bro…for all this great informative content….
    Ur posts.. Articles…reviews..helped me so much!

    looking forward for updates! 🙂

    • Hello Ali,
      You are always welcome.Thanks for sharing your feedback. Stay tuned with us for more tech reviews and updates.

      Abdul Ghani.

  • nu technologies

    nice post and really brief information

  • Venkat

    Hello Abdul brother
    Good job! Would be an eye opener for many ppl ..
    I was thinking to buy.. found ur article!!
    And what do you think about Moto g / Gionnee M2 / Asus Zenfone 5 ??
    Im planning to buy anything among these.
    If u know which is best… Tell me.
    Thank you.

    • Hello Venkat,

      Welcome to our blog and thanks for commenting. Yeah! You can go with Moto G. Stay tuned with us for more reviews and tech updates.

      Abdul Ghani.

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