3 Tweaks to Improve Your Small Business Buyer Experience

If you are working diligently toward growing your small business, the first thing you have probably discovered is that today’s customer wants a sense of connection. They want to know more about brands they deal with and they want to know that what is important to them is also important to businesses they buy from. In other words, growth begins with improving the buyer experience based on that connection. Customer service expert, Shep Hyken, tells Forbes magazine that the new brand is customer experience. Here are some tweaks that will improve the buyer’s experience, leading to increased sales now and in return business as well. 

Small Business Buyer Experience

1. Build a Real Relationship

Consumers today are savvier than at any time in the past. According to IBM, one of the most trusted names in computer technology, they are “more enlightened.” With the internet at their disposal, they can do a quick search to find almost any information they need and so it isn’t easy to inflate the qualities of any given product or service. Remember, they can verify any claims you are making within nanoseconds and they can spot a sales pitch a mile away. The first tweak you can make is to build a strategy that will help you develop real relationships with potential buyers. This connection can often lead to a sale, even if they originally had little interest in what you are selling!

2. Stay in Touch

With solid connections being of primary importance to today’s consumers, it is imperative that you find ways to keep the relationship alive. How many times have you lost contact with a close friend and over the years all but forgotten their name? In business, this can be the beginning of the end. The second tweak you can work on is finding ways to stay in touch. Many businesses are using automated emails such as those using the Sendinblue software for automating regular correspondence. Newsletters packed with useful information are one way to stay in touch and keep your business fresh in their minds. Here, the ‘trick’ is to keep those emails real. Yes, it’s a marketing strategy, but each correspondence should be packed with real information and real communications.

3. Give Them the Information They Need

This leads to the third easy tweak you can make to improve the buyer experience. How frustrating is it when you know you need a new vehicle, for example, but aren’t quite sure what kind you really need? There are so many manufacturers, so many sizes, and so many customizations that you really don’t know what you want unless you know what they are all for! The same holds true with any product or service and if you are trying to upsell, it’s imperative that you give them a reason for buying not only that product but buying from YOU!

What it all boils down to is that there needs to be a level of trust involved when building that all-important relationship that will improve the buyer experience. Any tweak you make must be customer-centric. Keep the dialogue open and you will know what they want and will be better able to serve them. Are you looking to grow your small business? Keep the relationship alive and growth is all but assured.

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