5 of the Best Smartphone Cycling Apps for iPhone and Android

Across the world, people are riding bicycles in miles and miles a single day. When you fill your spirits are low and the days feel darker. When work is monotonous, and all your hope seems to be dying all you will need is a bicycle. Get one and spin down the road and all your problems will vanish for a moment. Indeed a bike is the most intelligent piece of machine that has ever been designed. Now, with technology, the experience of using this piece of machinery is set to go a notch higher. The world is changing quickly, and smartphones are now redefining how the cyclists operate. If you are a cyclist with a smartphone, there are a collection of apps that can help you to train smarter, eat healthfully, and even identify new bikes in your hometown.

smartphone cycling apps

Here are some of the best five the apps that can benefit your cycling time.


Strava is one of the favorite fitness-tracking app freely available for both Android and iOS phones. The app has different segments that identify it. There are ride sections that operate as mini-race courses. Users of this app have to get to a challenge with other users to see who becomes King and Queen of the Mountain on each section. The fastest user will earn rights to brag.

From the time Strava started its operation, the app has attracted over 32 million users. There is also another 200,000 users who are paying the premium access version. It gets more interesting with its capability of allowing users to transfer their data. With a free version download, a rider can track and insert rides and essential data such as speed and elevation from their phone.

With the premium version, riders can see data like power and heart rate from the app. You will also gain other benefits such as understanding how you are stack up against other people’s riding sections within the same route as yours. Now, here is the most exciting part. You can get congratulation messages from fellow cyclists, and best riders get trophies.


Have you ever heard about Google maps? Well, Komoot is a replica of Google Maps. However, it is specially designed for cyclists. Have you been wondering how you can navigate from one point to another safely? Komoot brings on the table all the answers. This is a free smartphone app drawn from the OpenStreetMap database.

With this app, you can lay out your road plan but inserting starting points and finish points. Users can also add addresses that they would love to like to stop along the way. The app will then give the user the most convenient path that matches his/her fitness level. Your profile will be elevated, and you will get to learn about the kind of surfaces that you might run into.

Komoot makes planning bike rides on your phone easier than competitor apps. Although adjusting the ride routes using a computer is comfortable, the phone app can be more convenient. You can drag the way with your phone to your location of choice just like Google Maps.

One of the other best features is that users can take photos directly from the app, and tag to your location immediately. Also, the voice navigation guidance will inform you how far away you are from your right track if you get lost on the way.

First Aid: American Red Cross.

Cyclists must admit that at times, riding can be risky and prone to accidents. Now, with the First Aid app, you won’t have to depend on emergency services when you have an accident. First aid app is a free app made by the American Red Cross to aid people all around the world.

The First Aid app has 22 learning modules comprising how to handle muscle pulls, insect bites, seizures, and shocks. Each section consists of how to handle physiological emergencies through the use of easy-to-follow steps. It gets more amazing with instructional videos that can help users during the time of need. First-time users can now equally use this app efficiently as it has arranged each module in an emergency part.

The app ensures that users are equipped with ways of helping one who is in need of help as they wait for medical personnel to respond. The app doesn’t allow administration of extreme treatments. The app has many features that ensure users are knowledgeable enough. First aid app has very simple quizzes to that ensure one has an elementary understanding of how to handle some emergencies.

Dark Sky Weather.

As a cyclist, you have to be keen about the weather conditions before going out. The Dark Sky Weather app takes is a savior app that offers accurate weather forecasts to its users. It is integrated with smart features that make it an enjoyable app to use for both Android and iOS phones.

The developers of this app have been lauded for coming up with an accurate daily and hourly forecasts about rain, temperature, wind, and humidity. With this free app, a rider will be very sure of the upcoming weather before leaving out. Now, here is the most excellent deal about this app. Users can turn on notifications to warn them of impending weather.


Trailforks is one of the best trail-finding apps you can use. It is straightforward to navigate and helpful when it comes to getting new routes for adventure. Just visit the ‘discover’ tab, and this significant app will show you the great directions regarding the location you are searching. The app will also mention the skill needed to navigate the area you are enquiring about.

There are over 80,000 private trails including routes done by other riders, photos and videos taken on those rides. Want to know the best part? Trailforks app also helps riders to navigate to the nearest parking lot to help them start the trail.


Most of the above apps are free to download. Most of them are easy to use, and premium packages are also affordable. The dynamics in technological advancements are changing. With a smartphone, you can get yourself any of the above apps and the ultimate riding experience.

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