5 Reasons to Join Engineering

Most of the time pupils join engineering due to the constant pressure from their parents. But they don’t know how engineering can turn out to be a stepping stone of a lucrative career.

If you are a student who loves studying sciencehigh paying job and solving math problems, I recommend you joining engineering because you can outshine everyone with your innate analytical ability.

And, another thing I have to tell you is choose your life path by yourself. Don’t let others decide your destiny be it your parents or teachers.

Reasons to Join Engineering

So, today I am here with five reasons to join engineering.

Reasons to Join Engineering

I know there are several benefits of the same course. But here I am including only five of them which I thought are significant than others.

Are you ready to explore the list?

Here we go.

#1. Money

I know your ultimate aim of study. Isn’t it securing a decent job and earn good?

Today, everyone wants to be rich. The rich wants to earn more. Whatever it is, you need money to live life to the fullest. Engineering can give you both, a job and high earning.

But you can’t join engineering right away. You need to pass Joint Entrance Exam 2016 in order to get admitted to one of the prestigious institutions in India (IIT or NIT).

If you manage to get admission in a decent college and study well, you will have several chances to attend campus interviews. Mammoth companies come to India for hiring skilled professionals. This way you can land on a high paying job in a multinational company.

#2. Prestige

What do you mean by prestige? The respect and consideration society give to an individual can be called by the name prestige.

In our country, engineers are prestigious people and when we talk about a high paying job, we refer engineering and medical field most of the time.

So, prestige is another reason to join engineering.

#3. Entrepreneurship

The word I gave above is creating huge buzz in the world for a while now. Entrepreneurship is contrary to the idea of securing a job. Instead of getting the job, it is creating the job.

Entrepreneurship refers to nurturing your own idea to a whole new level so that it can be sold out as a product or service. In engineering, you will gain the guts and knowledge to be an entrepreneur.

#4. Skills

In engineering you will grab multiple skills. And, it is possible to sharpen your existing skills to be an unbeatable professional.

There are several engineering branches; each of one focuses on a set of skills. For example, mechanical engineering concentrates on working of machines whereas civil engineering is the art of building beautiful constructions.

#5. Envious Career

Finally, you can have a career that everyone strives to get. Money, prestige, skills and awesome lifestyle; what else you want to have an envious career?

If you want to pursue M.Tech, you can do it after winning GATE exam. It is also possible to go for MBA and live a corporate lifestyle.

In fact, your choice decides your destiny.

Wrapping Up

With this post, I don’t mean to compel you for joining engineering. Then, why did I write this?

I wrote this article for those who got impeccable analytical skills and don’t want to join engineering. And, also to make them know that they can pull the maximum out of it. After all, the decision is yours. Choose wisely so that you won’t regret later.

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