5 Ways to Care for Your PC

Computers are expensive, especially the gaming kind. Your $1,700 setup breaks down? Yeah, that’s gotta suck. Now you have to spend more money to get it running again.

That’s why you need to take good care of your PC. A well-cared-for, well-maintained computer will last longer and perform better than a neglected one, and you’ll get more value out of it.

5 Ways to Care for Your PC

Plus, PC maintenance doesn’t require that much expertise. In fact, anyone can follow all the fundamental ways for taking care of a computer, which are listed below.

Keep Your Computer Protected

Computer components are fragile; their wiring, vulnerable. That’s why they come in towers and cases. But even then, you must be careful not to spill any water near them or let them be struck by any hard object. The impact can dislodge any internal piece, and water doesn’t work well with electronics.

It may be common sense, but it’s still too important to leave unsaid.

If you own a slick gaming laptop and regularly take it with you everywhere you go, you may want to get a protective case and a backpack that has a compartment for it.

Purchase Antivirus Software

The internet is filled with harmful viruses that can wreak havoc on your systems. Most of the time, they lie undetected. Even their damage can be negligible until, in the future, you try to open an app and it no longer works that well.

There may be free antivirus software, but given the dynamic state of digital security, you may as well purchase an antivirus program.

Paid programs have more specialized features than free services do. Those features are pretty useful for zeroing in on an issue. Plus, paid programs also get more updates from their developers, so your PC can stay immune to the latest viruses out there.

Regularly Update Your Software

Speaking of updates, you also want to make certain that your PC is kept up-to-date.

Your operating system will update automatically unless you’ve opted out of that feature. However, other programs, specifically your drivers, the software that controls how your hardware operates within the system, may require you to do it manually.

In those cases, you can refer to the developers’ or the manufacturers’ respective websites for the latest patches and updates on their products. Those are almost always free.

Do General Software Maintenance

Most antivirus programs do not have features for some of the most common methods for taking care of a computer. They don’t have to. All operating systems come with built-in basic maintenance tools.

For example, there’s always a defragmentation tool in every Windows version. This organizes the data, which can get cluttered, in your hard drive to make it easier for your PC to access them.

You can typically find these tools from your Start menu, then find the Program Tools folder. They’ll be in there.

You may also want to empty your recycle bin and clear your internet browser’s cache from time to time. Some of those data will only clog up your drive.

Clean Fans and Vents

With the software side taken care of, it’s time to get physical.

Every day, blow away any dust that settles on your PC tower/case. Don’t let it accumulate. And every two or three months, you should use an air blower to clear up any filth that gets inside your setup.

Pay particular care on the fans and air vents. When it gets clogged by dust, that becomes a danger to your PC. The resulting loss of air flow may increase your PC’s temperature, which can damage your hardware.

So check your fans regularly, and clear it of settling the dust.


These are just the basics, but if you do them regularly, you won’t need any advanced techniques to maintain your PC. Your computer will thank you if it could speak.