How to Access the Deep Web Safely

According to a plethora of researches, only 4% of the web is visible to you. The remaining 96% web is the deep web. The people who can think beyond the internet can only access the deep web. This deep web is not meant for the general public. A large amount of illegal matter is present over here. It is of great benefit for the researchers and scholars as well. If you have just heard about it and finding ways on how to access the deep web safely then our guide will help you out to do so.


It might be dangerous to access the deep web without taking the right safety measures. Some of the ways to be safe while accessing the deep web are mentioned below in our guide that tells you about how to access the deep web.

How to Access the Deep Web – The Safest Guide

How to access the deep web without getting scammed? This is one of the trending questions among the people who wish to access the deep web. You should look through several factors before accessing the deep web. Check out some of the best ways to be safe while accessing the deep web.

Using the VPN

VPN is one of the best means to keep your identity anonymous. So, before you access the deep web, it is very important for you to access it using a VPN connection. The privacy, security and the anonymity must be maintained while you access deep web. There are a large number of best VPN services available over the web that you can opt for. A VPN hides your identity and provides you with proxy server for accessing the web. A VPN hides your identity and provides you with proxy server for accessing the web. Sites like Anonymster even offer free web proxy servers to protect online identity.

Use the Tor Browser

The Tor browser is considered to be the safest browsers for accessing the deep web. If you are not using this browser while accessing the deep web then you might get into trouble. The pre-configured settings in the browser protect you against the internet spies and the malicious viruses designed to cause threat to your system. You can easily download this browser from its official website and that too free of cost. You can easily access the most exclusive content on the deep web using this web browser.

  • You must close all the browsers and apps on your system that are connected to the internet after installing the Tor browser.
  • Tor browser can be downloaded to your system for free from its official website.
  • You must go through the guide to use Tor browser efficiently before you actually start surfing over the deep web.
  • The settings on the Tor browser must be configured optimally.
  • The Tor browser carries a simple look like that of a normal browser, but can be really handy to discover hidden content on the deep web.

Hope you have got the answer to the question how to access the deep web using the Tor browser until now. To find out more ways for accessing the deep web safely, you can go through this awesome guide.

The Window Size of the Browser Must not be Changed

You may think that this is a pointless advice, but make sure that the things should not be taken for granted. A number of people have already claimed that when they tried to change the window size while accessing the deep web, it revealed their identity to the person, who was sitting on the other end. These small things might appear to be really silly, but should be taken care of well.

Turn off the JS (JavaScript)

Many people believe that Tor browser is totally anonymous, but these claims have already been falsified a number of times. The JavaScript must be turned off in your Tor browser to enhance the safety and security. This will keep you safe from the risk of running unknown scripts. Your browser will never allow any unknown script to run at the background if the JavaScript is turned off. It will certainly protect you from the spies who are trying to enter into your system.

Disconnect Webcam

It is recommended to disconnect the webcam while accessing the deep web. If you are on PC, the webcam must be turned off, but if you are browsing on the laptop then cover the webcam with black paper as it is un-detachable. It will definitely protect you from the people those are trying to spy your using the webcam of your device.

Disconnect Microphones

If you have disconnected webcam, then you must not forget disconnecting the microphone as well. Your microphone is an input device and there are possible chances that the sounds get recorded using the microphones and get transferred to the person sitting at other end. The Facebook CEO- Mark Zuckerberg also covers his webcam with black tape and even disconnects his microphone for ensuring the safety while accessing the deep web.

Don’t reveal your True Identity

You must not drop your real name or email address on any website that you have found on the deep web. You should make the scrap email id with a false name. A number of deep web websites store your data and can even cause the potential threat. You should stay safe from all this nonsense. You should ensure that in any case, your real data must not be leaked.

The Last Words

This was the complete guide on how to access the deep web in a safer manner. The deep web is the hub to all the illegal activities and contains more than 15petabytes data that is much larger than the combine data on the internet that we see. The deep web can turn out to be a useful resource for many, but at the same time can be really destructive to anyone of you. If you ever come across any site that is luring you with attractive offers, you should avoid getting into the trap. Beware while using the deep web and follow our guide on how to access the deep web safely for secure access.

  1. the things discussed in this post about deep web are really strange and a bit scary too