Alert There Is No Such Thing As ‘Color Change’ App in Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most active and largest social networking site.Recently hackers made some fake malicious apps that redirects facebook users to a phishing site where they tried to hack a large number of accounts.

Generally some people love to be creative.They like to be look attractive too and they also like to have some cool things to be there in facebook profile.But this interest led them to compromise their accounts when they tried to change their facebook color. 

This Hackers tried to hack Facebook users by the name of an app named ‘Color Change’.More than 10,000 accounts were hacked by this fake app developers.This app forced users to download some videos or watch them online simultaneously gaining access to the accounts.According to sources while using this app automatically downloads a porn app which is a malicious track back app to track and steal users information.

How to Secure my Account from this types of scams?

Calm down,no one hack your account if you follow some simple steps.

Don’t allow access to any app that promises to change your facebook theme or color or something which is officially unavailable in Facebook.

Don’t paste any codes in your console as they might be working but still they are coded in a way to gain access over your account.

I had given access to this App or a similar one,what should I do?

Remove the App access to that specific app by going to settings then apps and remove those app from that list.

here is the link to facebook app settings :

Final Verdict

Its all about precaution,please don’t open any links sent by strangers and avoid getting into these type of scam apps.What do you think about this article?Had I covered all the points?If any thing is there please comment down with your valuable suggestion.

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