You Can Also Become An Android Developer: Testing Your App Tutorial #3


After you have made your Dummy App you need to test whether that App works on your android device or any other android device .

If you have not read the previous tutorial in this series, please first read them and then read this tutorial 🙂

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There are two choices for testing your app :

  1. To Test Live on your Phone.
  2. To Test it on an Emulator.

The First choice is easy to execute :

Step 1 :

First Enable USB Debugging mode from the Developer’s option on your phone .

Step 2:

Then connect your Android device via USB cable and click on RUN and then select the current connected device:


Now select Android Application if this list appears :



Click OK to install the app on your device.

Now the Dummy app will automatically be installed in your Android device.
And then run the app on your device to see how it works .

The Second Choice is a bit long process :

Step 1:

Go to the Windows menu and select Android Virtual Device Manager :


Step 2:

Now select any Emulator by adding New Device or Select anyone from the list you get first :


Step 3:

Then close the current window and then click on RUN . You will observe this at the bottom of your developer software :


If you don’t observe anything like this then you will get this window :


Step 4:

Wait for it to load , then fill up your desired launching options for the Emulator:


Now your Emulator will start and you can see your App launched in your Computer .

Note :

Sometimes the Second Choice shows you error, so wait for the Next tutorial where we will explain in detail how to use an Emulator properly and how to create a customized Emulator.


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