Android or iOS: Which One Would Be Your Choice?

There are many eternal questions that people have been asking themselves. From the one about the chicken and an egg to those debates regarding the creation of the universe, questions are always part of our lives. And since we live in the tech-savvy era, the newest questions deal with modern issues like the one we will tackle here.

One of them is what type of mobile operating system should you choose: Android or iOS. They’ve been borrowing each other’s features for a while now trying to satisfy their users and prevent them to switch to the other operating system. The difference is not observable right away except for the visual ones but those exist even among different Android phones so it’s nothing unusual.

The true dissimilarity is hidden within the mobile platforms, as well as some other issues that concern practicality in the everyday life. While both operating systems are excellent, there are some issues specific to every one of them that might help you decide which one is perfect for you.



It may be strange to name games as one of the important factors when choosing a phone, but that is nothing abnormal. People buy computers all the time based on their hardware which will allow them to play games, so of course, the mobile phone users are catching up. Mobile gaming is very lucrative and almost every industry’s giant is developing games for smartphones as well.

But they do it more for the iOS platform first and some even don’t come up for Android at all. This is a win for Apple phones by a narrow margin since Android is catching up fast and gaming companies want to reach as many users as they can.


Privacy is an important issue for everyone, especially today when we leave so much private data online. Apple always highlighted the fact that they “believe privacy is a fundamental human right”.  They pointed out their disinterest in collecting every user data they can, as well as that more data is stored on the phone than sent to the cloud.

However, they do collect data that is necessary for certain features to work properly, like Find My iPhone for which they need your location. Apple states in their privacy policy that the data they collect is anonymous and not traceable to you. This means that they get the data but don’t know who sent it.

On the other hand, Android likes to collect data and does it whenever and to the biggest extent possible. Google does this in order to create a personal experience for each of its users and thus help you find what you are looking for. Which often creates a firm foundation for discussion how it uses that data although the company states they handle it in a responsible way.


Although you can buy phones and save money rather than buying a brand new one, the price between the iOS and Android smartphones still will vary. There are cheap phones in Sydney, New York, London and other big cities that are basically available on every corner. However, you will always find Android phones at the lower prices than the iOS ones.

As you know, Apple is the company that manufactures the iPhone, the only device that uses iOS. Their phones have always been expensive with iPhone X hitting the market with a starting price of $1000. The prices go as lowest as $350 for iPhone SE and around $450 for the iPhone 6S, but for iPhone 8 you will have to prepare $700.

When it comes to Android smartphone, however, you have cheap and expensive choices depending on the manufacturer and hardware. Samsung’s newest phones almost cost as much as iPhone, and so does the Google’s Pixel 2. Another plus side of Android is that it offers more free apps than Apple, which can be a deciding factor for the buyer.


You probably know already that compatibility is one of the biggest issues you will experience with Apple phones. Their policy is to get you to use all their software and hardware if you want to achieve a complete compatibility across devices. This has been Apple’s strategy right from the start and if you love iOS then you won’t mind buying iMac or iPad as well. On the other hand, one of the most famous Samsung accessories, Samsung Gear VR, doesn’t work with iPhone. With that being said, you should give a try to Apple’s accessories from Mobile Mob, they are really great.

Although you can easily switch platforms with Google account, you are still a little bit limited if trying to access Apple TV from Android device. And vice versa, as well, if you try to send audio data to Amazon Echo. The companies have a problem of creating software that will allow the cross-platform data exchange since that means that they will have fewer factors to use when competing for users.


It’s your choice in the end based on the information we provided. Having an iPhone is also a status symbol, something that will present you as a successful person in front of the others. Android phones vary in prices and quality, and there are various manufacturers to choose from.

The most important thing when choosing between iOS and Android is that you have more benefits than discomforts. Observe it from the standpoint of what you use your phone for and what you do with your data. Also, don’t hurry with the purchase before you read articles online reviewing the device’s performance since sometimes you’ll be paying for design and nothing else.  

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