Attracting Profitable Clients In A Pre-Recession 2019 Market

The rumored 2019 recession might not be as obvious yet, but the alarming bells are already ringing for some potentially vulnerable industries. How do you move ahead of the competition and position yourself for continued success in a pre-recession market?

Let’s have a closer look at the lawyers’ practices businesses, traditionally competitive and innovative. There are many approaches to building a successful law practice, however, for lawyers who want to leverage their core competency and attract profitable and desirable clients, it is essential to build a marketing plan that is based on clarifying who is your ideal client.


Knowing the answer to this question will help you to create:

Positive word of mouth marketing about your reputation. This comes from satisfied clients who trust you and believe that you understand and know how to solve their problems. Different clients require different solutions. For example, in divorce, the over 50 client who has been in a long term marriage will require different resources than the young professional who has been married for a few years.  If your target client is the over 50 audience, how are you exceeding their expectations in the services you deliver and the resources you provide?

Content that attracts the right client. Clients will respond to articles, SMM publications and blog posts that are relevant to them and their situation. Different clients will resonate with different messages. For example, if you are a Family Lawyer whose target audience is professional woman, write about the problems and challenges professional woman face in divorce. Include your articles and published papers on your LinkedIn profile, write a press release demonstrating your expertise. Writing relevant content that emphasizes your expertise and placing it in front of targeted clients (website, LinkedIn / Facebook profile, blog, etc.) is one the best ways for attracting the right clients and referral sources.

Consistent and relevant top of mind awareness.  Many people are experiencing information overload, too much information and too many choices can distract prospective clients and referral sources from paying attention to your law practice. Clients and referral sources will respond to what is relevant and visible to them at the time they have a problem.  Think about when most people start paying attention to which Universities their children will attend, usually it is when their children are in their 11th or 12th year of high school. The same is true for clients who have legal needs.  For example, one of my clients is a criminal defense lawyer who experienced an increase in calls for theft cases after he posted a blog on the consequences for retail theft after black Friday. His message was visible and relevant to the clients he wanted to attract to his practice. Since you don’t know when your prospective clients or referral sources will have a problem you can solve, it is important to maintain consistent and targeted visibility. 

You can create a successful marketing plan that attracts desirable and profitable clients by clarifying who your ideal client is and then building a plan that positions you as an expert at solving their most critical problems. 

What is working for you? Are you attracting the “right” clients to your practice? If not, what is one thing you can do today to start building a thriving practice that attracts desirable and profitable clients?

Many times it is difficult to create a marketing plan on your own and makes a perfect sense to contact marketing experts to have your questions answered or get guidance on how to create your client-centered marketing plan. 

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