Best Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know

Hello readers of Tech Glows. Today we are back with some computer tricks which will help you to boost your productivity. So here the Best computer tips tricks.

Best Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know

General Computer Tricks:

Clean and Optimize Your System

There are tons of softwares available in the internet for cleaning and optimizing your system. But I personally prefer using Advanced System Care software to clean and optimize my computer for its best performance. As the name says “Advanced” it provides overall care for our system.


Some of its features are junk files clean, system optimization, Spyware Removal, Registry Fix, Vulnerability Fix and many more 😀 . Other useful features are start up manager (helps you to disable/remove start up programs/services which slow downs your computer’s boot speed) Game Booster and Undelete files. It also gives a start button in windows 8. 😀

Use problems Steps Recorder :

If you are facing problems with your computer. And want someone to see what’s actually happening and resolve it, then windows has a built in feature of recording your activities, clicks with screenshots. It compiles all this data in very easy to understand manner.


Just you have to press Windows + R and enter “psr” (without quotes) And click Start record to record your activities. when you click stop it will automatically save and give you a file which can be sent to the technical analysis.

File Manager Tricks :

Rename All Files Quickly

If you want to rename all the files in a batch without downloading any software, then you’ve to just select the files you want to rename after that press F2 and name it whatever you want.


For example : If you’ve renamed the first file to “img” the other files which were selected along with it will be renamed in a sequence like “img(1)”, “img(2)”, etc.

Typing Tricks :

Deleting an entire word without moving cursor or arrows

Yes! it can be done you just need to “CTRL + Backspace” and the word behind the cursor will be deleted. This trick comes in handy when you want to speed your typing skills.

Click the mouse wheel to open a link in new tab.

Useful Key Board shortcuts :

Windows + D – minimizes all the open windows

Windows + P – Quickly Setup a second screen/monitor

ALT + PrtScn – Quickly takes a screenshot of the active window.

CTRL  + TAB – Switch between open windows.

CTRL + ALT + Delete – Helps you to interrupting the running processes while your system is stuck without restaring.

CTRL + Z      – The ultimate key to undo any process.

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC – Launch Task Manager


Windows + Pause – brings up system information quickly

Web Browser Tricks :

Press CTRL + Enter after entering the name of the site and the browser will automatically open the website with www prefix and .com as an extension.

For e.g. When I type TechGlows in the bar and after pressing the CTRL + Enter buttons, the browser will automatically load

Tech Glows URL Bar

LikeWise if you want to open a .net extension site then press CTRL + SHIFT + Enter buttons.

ALT + D – Jump to Address bar from anywhere in the browser.

CTRL + SHIFT + N – Quickly open a new incognito window in chrome.

CTRL + SHIFT + P – Open a new incognito window in Firefox.

CTRL + TAB – Cycle through the open tabs in the browser. You can also press CTRL + 1 or 2 or any other number to open that specific tab in browser,

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