Best Solar Panels Tucson People can use in their Homes?

The new year has come, and in this new year, we are sure you might have made multiple resolutions. However, have you thought of energy savings. Definitely, energy savings are beneficial to the environment, and it is beneficial to you as well. Have you thought of installing solar panels? Well if you are in Tucson, then installing solar panels can attract some good incentives for you. If you have not installed the Solar Panel at your home, then we are sorry to say that you have been missing on these incentives. But it is never too late. We will guide you on how to get the best solar in Tucson. If you are looking to get solar power in Tucson, then this article will serve as a perfect guide for you.

Best Solar Panels

You might not believe but Tucson is rapidly becoming a solar city. Hence, this is the right time for you to go for the solar panel. Now, obviously, if you are looking for the best solar solutions then you have to first understand the cost benefits of the solar panel installations at your home. A 5KW residential solar installation will come for around $21,000 dollars. But wait, you get straightaway 30 percent federal tax credit on the cost of installation of solar panels.  Additionally, if you are in Tucson, then you are eligible for the state tax credit as well, on top of the federal tax credit.  Apart from the tax rebates, you are going to save around $1500 USD on your expenditures on energy. So, you can basically recover the cost of installation in less than ten years. In case you are short of the fund, then you can also opt for loans. Getting finance for solar panel installation in Tucson is extremely easy. On some occasions, you will get the finance option from the dealer as well. You can also opt for a lease system. You can set a power purchase agreement as well.

If you are looking for the best solar power in Tucson. Then we can definitely recommend you some of the known providers, who are the best in Tucson. One of the top providers of Solar Panel in Tucson is Sunrun. Sunrun specializes in solar panel installations for residences. They have a wide presence in the United States. Apart from Arizona, they also operate in 14 other states. The best thing is they have multiple plans available for their customers, and you can choose one of them based on your affordability. Also, they guarantee lifetime protection on the product. This is not all if the production rate from the solar panel is not equivalent to what has been promised, then they will simply issue a refund. With these features, we can definitely say that Sunrun is one of the best options for you in Tucson. At the end of the day make a heavy investment, and obviously, you will look for some sort of guarantee on that investment.

Another option that you can definitely rely on is, SolarCity. Just to mention, SolarCity is the largest provider of Solar panels in the United States. It has got attractive finance schemes for its customers. With these finance schemes, you can always opt for the best installation for your home. That is not all, you can opt for zero down payment as well. Which means you don’t have to pay anything at the beginning, and you can pay later in attractive installments. SolarCity has one of the best after-sales support in Tucson, which is another reason to go for it.

The last option which we will recommend is Vivint Solar. It provides a free consultation to its customer so that you can understand which installation is best for you. It also provides customized design to its customers, which many providers don’t provide.

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