Bitdefender Antivirus 2020 A Must Have Security App For Windows PC And Laptop

Millions of Windows consumers are looking for free antivirus solutions from reputed companies. I won’t deny that there are too many great digital security companies offering attractive deals. When we are speaking of highly rated online security companies, we cannot leave Bitdefender out of the conversation. This is a company that won the best security program of the year in 2017 and they are securing millions of Windows PC, Android phones, and iOS devices.

Bitdefender: Is it a Worthy Solution for Windows?

Bitdefender is a Romanian online security company offering antivirus solution to both home consumers and enterprises. Every company claims that they have PRO level security that detects, removes and eliminates threats. Fortunately, you can find a lot of comparison tools that provide extensive information on which service is detecting more threats than similar solutions.

AV-Comparatives provides approximate values and this security software stands in the top 10 list. The company handpicked professionals for creating advanced threat detectors and removers. The best antivirus for Windows provides 99.99% threat detection and it eliminates it the quickest.

Antivirus Features

Let us take a quick look at the features available on this software.

  1. Free Solution

Many of the readers may be the first time customers; I encourage the readers to try the free antivirus software, which offers real-time protection. Of course, the free version cannot replace the premium protection, but it can provide a path to trust and confidence in the company and their products. It is an affordable package for home users, as there are several Window customers who want to invest in “value for money” package.

  1. First-class Performance

Windows security programs consume a lot of memory, CPU resources, and disk usage in the past. Nowadays, the reputed companies are optimizing existing features to consume lesser resources. If you got a mid-range Microsoft OS machine, then you should try it. I recommend a minimum 2 GB RAM and 1.8 GHz processor to run a modern antivirus programs, and this applies to almost every security solution in existence.

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

In the premium Antivirus Plus 2020 version, you get VPN as a built-in feature, which saves a lot of money. The premium VPN offers 100+ locations and several servers in different parts of the world. PC consumers can start exploring the world, where certain content or websites are banned by the government. Premium VPN services normally cost $11.95 per month and you are getting it for free.

  1. Multiple Protection Shields

Nowadays the digital world has changed a lot and numerous new threats are emerging every single day. You cannot allow privacy invaders, secret services or hackers to breach your machine. The most powerful real-time shield offered by this app fights against malware, viruses, worms, suspicious programs, and more. The security application also protects internet consumers from network threats, suspicious websites, phishing, fraud, and programs trying to secretly modify system files.

  1. Modes

Modern desktops and laptops changed the business because they can perform multiple tasks. In modern times, you cannot have an antivirus program that can’t keep up with the latest industry trends. Bitdefender has thus added a Gaming mode, a Movies mode, and a Battery mode. Every mode is designed to function according to the consumers’ CPU + RAM requirements, it detects threats coming from non-market games, and more.

How to use this Free Antivirus Program?

Currently, I am going to demonstrate the program user-interface, so that beginners do not feel intimidated by it. The official interface developers designed the program to be beginner-friendly, and you can even start with the free version.

Step 1: You can download the free antivirus software and install it.

Step 2: You can drag & drop a file or folder to test for unknown threats.

Step 3: I have assigned Bitdefender free edition to go through one folder with several files in it.

Step 4: The free antivirus program could not find a single threat.

Step 5: Click on the “System Scan” to check the entire PC for threats.

Step 6: On AMD A4 Quad Core PC, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, and (bottleneck) HDD 5200 RPM, the free edition program is performing flawlessly.

The real-time protection consumed 0.7% CPU, 0.2 MB HDD per second, and 200+ MB RAM.

Remember, the “System Scan” consumes loads of time to complete scanning. The scanning period depends on the number of files and folders saved in the local storage and the Disk Usage plays a crucial role. Windows machines running on SSD or HDD RPM 7200 performs flawlessly, in terms of wrapping up the scan.

Bottom Line

The cost breakdown for a Bitdefender premium license is as follows: Antivirus Plus 2020 ($30/3 devices), Internet Security 2020 ($40/3 devices), and Total Security 2020 ($40/5 devices). Let us know what do you think about this security tool in the comment section below.

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