Car GPS Trackers: Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Before buying a GPS tracking solution for fleet vehicles, many people will try to review the top ten bestselling options. This seems like a great idea, but there is a lot more that you must know. GPS tracking solutions have come a long way, and today, real-time tracking is very common. Fleet managers and owners can now monitor vehicle locations and map various routes on a mobile device from any place.

What Is Real-Time GPS Tracking?

First, it is worth noting that a GPS tracking device mainly relies on satellite technology to map the current location of a vehicle. But lately, cellular internet solutions have been integrated to make it easy to transmit data to a remote location for monitoring.

A real-time tracking solution provides an accurate position of the vehicle at any time as long as the GPS device is hooked up to power and switched on. There are many simple devices that have been developed these days that can be hooked into various consoles in the vehicle. However, it is recommended to have it installed by an expert in a location where there is less or no interference.

Choosing a Real-Time GPS Tracking Solution

As soon as you look online, you will be spoiled with choices. But if you visit the Eyeride new domain, you will get to speak to experts who will guide you on the best GPS tracker to suit your needs. But basically, you should consider these important points.

  •             Accuracy – real-time tracking means that the fleet managers can access accurate information at any time as they wish. This capability should function properly. The good thing is that devices that use both internet and satellite capabilities are very accurate.
  •             Tech support – real-time GPS tracking solution providers must offer the clients the support they deserve. It is good to know that there is an expert to help you when things are not working correctly. Support should also include regular software updates with better features and security upgrades.
  •             The design – for some people, this may not be a big issue as long as the device works. But assuredly, a durable and minimalistic design is the best. The device can be hidden somewhere in the vehicle to avoid being detected by those with malicious intentions. It will also serve you for a long time if it is waterproof and has a protective body.

Cheap Vs. Costly Devices

You have heard that cheap is expensive. Sometimes, cheap can be good, and expensive can have poor quality. When buying a real-time GPS device, balance every aspect. Some sellers may have a discounted rate on the best devices on the market especially during the holiday season or when you are buying many devices for a fleet company. Avoid sellers who are not well known or those who are introducing first-time devices onto the market even if they offer them at very low prices.


Buying and using real-time GPS tracking solutions is easy when you have the right information like the tips shared above. To gather more insightful information, you can check out the top-rated devices and compare their prices. 

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