Making a Logo Is Never so Easy with DesignEvo Logo Maker

Making a logo can be a little bit difficult if you don’t know much about tech or designing, but you can find some suggestions online to make one without effort and free. Here I’ll show you the one I always use. It’s DesignEvo, an online logo maker for creating professional logos in seconds. Try it out here:

DesignEvo logo maker review

DesignEvo is a platform that offers you more than 4000 professionally designed logo templates including all the fields that you can imagine or involved in. They are divided into many categories and there are many different styles available. Even if you are the first time to use it, you can fully control it. Just choose a template and change some text and adjust their color position, etc., you can easily save as your own logo for your business.

Besides, it offers a source with wide range of millions of icons. In the process of customizing, You can add icons by typing a certain keyword in the search box above. Then you can add text, shapes there, change a background as well as remove the elements if you don’t want.

DesignEvo provides three plans to download your logos: Free, Basic, Plus. You are free to choose to download your logo for free or consider some premium logos at small dollars. If you are just want to get its premium packages for free, it possible. Just write an article on your site or blog and send the article link to its partner manager Candy at with a subject “coupon code for DesignEvo”. That’s fine.

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