Does your current web hosting offers affordable SSD web hosting in India?

SSD Storage web hosting is one of the popular upgrades around the world. Millions of website owners are moving the site from HDD Storage hosting to SSD Storage hosting without hesitating a moment. We can ignore the newbies suggestions, but you cannot ignore the suggestion and actions of the experts moving their sites on SSD Storage web hosting.

What is SSD?

Solid-state Drive is the full form of SSD, and it is next-generation technology introduced for computers, servers, and machines that take plenty of storage space. Yes, it is a computer or a server component that replaces the regular HDD (Hard Drive Disk) for the computer.

SSD (Solid-state Drive) is an expensive solution that offers excellent features and stability compared to the regular Disk Drive that majority of the computers have nowadays.

So what’s the difference?

HDD: The most popular solution is Hard Disk Drive that offers 1 TB storage for $50 in the local market. There is no introduction needed for it, and no need to display the stats as well. Readers can test the existing computer that equipped with HDD drive.

SSD: A Solid-state drive does not come with a disk because it utilizes the technology of USB drive, but the storage capacity reaches up to 1 TB without any issues. Millions of computer and server users are switching to SSD because it offers increased Read/Write speed compared to HDD.

Yes, you can transfer 100 GB file from one partition to another partition within a minutes or seconds. In short, the read/write speed of the SSD drive is way higher than a normal hard disk.

Let’s assume that you have purchased an affordable web hosting in India, then the site loads faster and pages load faster than HDD drive solution.

The overall performance of the site function improve because the SSD loads files faster than HDD, so there will be a huge improvement here. If you are uploading a file from local storage to SSD web hosting, then the uploading speed improves.

Why is SSD Web Hosting Important for Websites?

A newbie cannot understand the data structure of Google analytics and webmaster tools, which demands high-performance so that site owners can serve the visitors.

Recently, reputed search engines have changed/updated the algorithm based on the data received in the base. The world is moving at a faster pace, and no one can deny it, so as the technology. Visitors do not spend a lot of time on slow loading sites and slow loading pages because people are getting impatience with time.

Everyone has a task to finish in a short time, and it increases the stress to complete it at a faster pace. The word “waiting” is no longer supported or encouraged in the search engine ranking factor.

Search Engines focus on serving the visitor by offering accurate results with zero delays in response. Yes, the website response time is also an important factor. An SSD storage equipped web hosting is a necessity for site owners so that they can rank a page or post on the first page.

Slow loading sites will be discouraged by the search engine bots because it does not make the users unhappy. As a result of the latest algorithm update, millions of websites rankings have dropped including major portals in the industry.

What is the Benefit of SSD Storage Web Hosting?

I can give you a thousand reasons to upgrade from HDD storage web hosting package to SSD storage hosting package. However, I am going to list down important aspects that every site founder has to pay attention to it.

  1. Assuming that you are aiming to rank on search engine and get traffic from it. Search Engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, and partners prefer sites with good server response time. Fortunately, SSD hosting server response time is higher.
  2. SSD Storage proven to load files, system files, content, website page, and posts faster than HDD. You might be thinking that the improvement might close enough, but it isn’t.

Regular HDD drives can read/write (7200 RPM) can transfer 80-160 MB/s. SSD Drive can transfer 100 MB – 300 MB/s. The transfer rate two times higher than regular HDD and it does impact the site performance.

  1. Uploading & downloading content your site improves significantly. Make sure that the web hosting company installed premium hardware or else, you might get lower speed.
  2. If you are managing a blog that provides fresh content every day or every week, then SSD Storage is a must buy.
  3. User experience improves and Google & partners love it.

No experts in the industry can deny that SSD Storage is an SEO factor today. Search Engines loves good content, good server response time, and faster website loading speed.

Where to get Affordable SSD Web Hosting in India?

Many foreign companies charging premium prices to the new customers on SSD web hosting packages because they have HDD Storage infrastructure and it’s not easy to replace it.

Why go for a foreign company, when we have YouStable?

YouStable web hosting company is an Indian company registered under Companies Act 2013 of Ministry of Corporate Affairs India.

Starting Price: Premium SSD Drive Storage Shared Web Hosting package cost Rs.179 per month or $2.49 per month. No one in the industry is offering at this price range and it includes free SSL certificate and Free SEO package worth $100.

  1. The company added premium SSD drive manufactured by reputed companies.
  2. YouStable aims to offer maximum cuts on the packages. The company lowering the profits to provide affordable SSD Storage web hosting price.
  3. It is a reputed Indian company registered and recognized by the Indian Government.
  4. New customers can pay monthly; opt for 3 months plan, 6 months plan, or above.
  5. The 24/7 customer care offers English language and Hindi language customer service to everyone.

A responsive dedicated team is available to serve the customers anytime at YouStable. Every claim backed up by Google reviews published by the existing customers.


A simple Google search is not enough to find the ideal SSD web hosting in India because the number of fraud companies have increased over the years. Let us know what do you think about YouStable in the comment section below.

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