DROID4X – Best Android Emulator For PC

An Android emulator is a software application which allows the user to emulate an android virtual device in an emulator configuration, it lets you use an actual device by setting up necessary hardware and software resources from your system.
It allows doing everything which is possible to do on a physical Android device

Droid4X is an android emulator which helps the user to install and use Android applications and sideload apk and use them on their PC. Droid4X has a wide range of usage, it can be used to play android games on PC, developing and testing android application on PC.

Why Droid4X?
There are many android emulators available but Droid4X stands out of the line, its main features make it more user-friendly, simple UI, Easy to install, Does not use more RAM and storage.

Features of Droid4X:

  • Full Android Experience
    The Android version used in Droid4X is very close to stock android which makes it very simple and easy to use. Using Droid4X you can run all Android applications which you are currently using on your device without any sweat
  • User-friendly Interface
    Droid4X has one of the simplest user interfaces available when compared to the current generation android emulators, also you can install any third-party launcher if you did not like the default launcher provided by Droid4X. Droid4X can also be used on touch-sensitive laptops without any additional setup.
  • Keyboard Mapping
    Droid4X has a unique feature which allows the user to map keys with the screen, this feature will be greatly used by gamers so they can easily use various controls at once
  • Easy To Install
    Droid4X allows direct sideloading of applications and it also has Google Play store which helps us to download many free and paid applications.
    For all the tech enthusiasts out there Droid4X comes rooted out of the box and we can
    use any application which required superuser access.

Setup and Installation Process

In this tutorial, We will guide you through the installation process and how to use it. Let us get started.

  1. Firstly open your preferred internet browser and search for Droid4X, and click on the very first link which will take you to their official website, or just click here Droid4X Official Page

  1. Now scroll down and where you can find a red button saying Download Droid4X, by clicking on that your browser will prompt you to download, save the location where you want to download the setup file of Droid4X and click ok to allow it to download, now open the file and allow necessary permissions for it, sit back till the installation process is completed.

  1. Now it will ask you to select the system resolution and other personalization you can use the one which suits your usage, this will be the resolution in which Droid4X starts, now after this is done it shows you the main page where the preloaded apps are displayed and also this will be the home screen where newly install apps will be displayed


  1. After this setup is done you can now install any apps or sideload any apk straight from the internet to your Droid4X emulator.

Final Words

Now you know that Android apps are not dedicated only for phone and tablet devices, install Droid4X android emulator now on your PC and use Android apps on your computer with ease. So this was all about installing Droid4x on Windows PC. Let us know your doubts and alternatives for Droid4x in the comment section below.