How an Email Drip Campaign Works and Should Your Business Use It?

Sending newsletters via email is an effective way to send out announcements from the team. The problem is, new subscribers will only see the latest emails and never get the initial emails that were sent out to those on the list. They only get the things you send out after they have signed up.

Often referred to as a drip campaign, this is a popular way to get information to people. However, many owners are unsure about this marketing tactic and if it is right for their business. It’s a good idea to speak to pros in the field, like, but the information here can help a business figure out if this is a tactic that will benefit their business.

What Exactly is a Drip Campaign?

As mentioned above, a drip campaign is essentially an automated set of emails that are sent out based on certain user actions or a set timeline. They allow a company to remain in touch with certain groups of people based on how often they visit the site. Every time one of these emails is sent out, it will come from a queue of pre-written messages. This means there is no need to write or send each of them. It’s even possible to personalize these messages with the receiver’s name, the business information, and other things.

The Purpose of a Drip Campaign

The goal of the drip marketing efforts is to provide people with the information they need or want at the right time. If someone just subscribed to the blog newsletter, for example, the drip campaign would send an immediate welcome email and then, a few days later, an email that includes some of the most popular content. Another example would be if a customer continued to visit the premium page of a website but hasn’t made a move, the drip campaign may send an email that highlights several reasons to go ahead and purchase the plan option.

Are Drip Campaigns Effective?

This is a good question and one that most brands considering the marketing tactic have. According to some research that has been done in recent years, drip campaigns are very effective. In fact, relevant and targeted emails can product up to 18-times more revenue than those that are broadcasted globally. While that may not be too surprising, what is impressive is that people who read the drip emails are much more likely to click the links they contain and take appropriate action.

Is a Drip Email Campaign the Right Marketing Tactic?

This is a question that each business or brand has to think about carefully and figure out on their own. Creating the drip campaign will take some time and effort in the beginning but, once it is done, there are few changes that need to be made. While updates are occasionally necessary to the information, it’s one of the closest ways to get a “set it and forget it” marketing campaign.

Take some time to review the information here to figure out if a drip campaign is a smart option. If necessary, work with the pros to create the content needed. Doing so will pay off for most companies and provide them with a higher ROI for their efforts and more profits, which is always a good thing.

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