An Affordable, Feature-Packed App: My Review on FamilyTime

These days almost every parent is opting for parental control apps, it’s the new big thing! The reason is the easy connectivity and smart parental control these apps offer. As all parents want great things at affordable prices, so money factor is always there in the selection of a suitable parental monitoring app. I have been reading many reviews on different apps and all of them are lacking in one way or the other. Some offer less features, some are over-priced, some offer great features but are way too costly.

familytime app review tech glows

On the other hand, what I found reading the reviews on FamilyTime was that the user responses were great! A lot of people are using this app as it offers so many features at an affordable price. So I personally downloaded it and here’s my review on FamilyTime:

FamilyTime from a bird eye view

FamilyTime is a parental control app with a lot of diversity. It offers many features like; location tracking, Geo-fencing, web-history, call-history, contacts etc. It is a very well-balanced app with great features and affordable price. And more importantly, your teen is fully aware of the access this app gives you and the data it logs from the child device. So in order for this app to work effectively, child consent is very important.

This app is great for working parents who need to supervise their children, but cannot always be there in person. This app allows you to monitor all your child’s activities from single dashboard! Also, this app has separate dashboards for parents and children.

familytime app review tech glows

Free trial: try first, buy later!

If you are in doubt about the functionality of this app, no need to worry. Once you download this app on your smartphone, it gives you a Premium free trial for 7 days. Which means you can use this app with all its specs and features 7 days for free before you subscribe.

After downloading the app, you will receive an activation code which has to be entered in the child’s app in order for it to activate. Subscription will be separate for every child added. Once active, you can track their location, check their browser history, stay in touch with them 24/7 and much more. It is compatible with iOS and Android and you can download FamilyTime for free from here:

play store download

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What makes FamilyTime stand out from the rest?

What sets FamilyTime apart from the rest is that it promotes friendly parenting as it log data from your teen’s phone with his/her knowledge. This gives you a chance to sit with your children and explain to them; why this is important and how will this help them strengthen your bond and keep them safe.

Interesting and affordable features

Family Watch:

  • Keep an eye on your child’s call logs to see who they contact and when.
  • Have a look on your child’s contact list the same way it appears on their phone.
  • Monitor all the apps downloaded on your child’s phone.
  • Also check their usage frequency to know which app they use the most.
  • Look at the websites your child visits via the standard browser of their smartphone or tablet.

Family Care:

  • Go through the list of installed apps and indentify the inappropriate ones.
  • Blacklist any app not suitable for your child.
  • Add any suspicious number to Watchlist and get push notifications every time they contact your child.

Family Buzz:

  • Keep an eye on your child’s contacts to know their social circle.
  • If you are unable to reach your child in case of an emergency, you can contact their friends from their contacts.
  • In case of any danger, your child can send you SOS alerts with their complete location.

Family Locator:

  • Keep track of your child’s whereabouts by tracking their location.
  • Even if you are out of town, you can know if they are sneaking out to dangerous places.
  • Geo-fence any address and get push-notifications every time they enter and exit that place.

Family Link:

  • Receive PickMeUp alerts from your children with complete location
  • Stay in the loop with your kids 24/7.

Family Plus:

  • In case of theft, lock your child’s phone from your dashboard to save their personal data.
  • Track their phone by tracking its location.


You can either use the free package with limited options or get FamilyTime Premium package. You can subscribe for FamilyTime Premium package monthly, quarterly or yearly. All at quite affordable prices.

familytime app review tech glows

FamilyTime- shift to smart parenting!

Looking in detail on all the specs, I’d give FamilyTime 4.5 stars mainly for its price and the features. One thing, they could consider working on is the compatibility with the Windows Phones but since Android and iOS take the major market share, it matters a little. All in all, this app is user-friendly and helps great deal to simplify parenting.

So here’s my review on FamilyTime, please comment below and let me know what you have to say about it. Happy smart parenting!

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