Feazy your contactless dining partner

As we navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve experienced some vital changes in our everyday life. Our lives have been shattered in ways that we never imagined and lately, we are coming back to the normal while emphasizing personal hygiene, health care, and contact-less dining.

Physical distancing is the demand of the situation and we need to put our priorities straight, on to the point – Health safety & Personal Hygiene. New solutions, tactics, and products are being introduced every day to maintain social distancing.

The tech enthusiasts at Protron Technologies PVT LTD say that they are focused on building the products they fondly call – “Positively Charged”. The Products that enable the society to function hassle-free post the pandemic. One such positively charged product from Protron Technologies is called, FEAZY – Fast & Easy. It’s a contactless dining partner for restaurants and food courts.

Let’s know, what is Feazy.

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Introducing contactless dining.

Imagine yourself coming to a restaurant and taking a seat. Now, you call on the waiter with a weird name and still, he is busy with other orders of guests and you have to wait for the waiter’s response. Oh Yeah, It’s a headache!

Now what if we tell you, you don’t need to call a waiter. Feazy’s contactless dining solution kit will help restaurants to offer an entirely contactless dining experience to their guests. You can just sit at the table, then scan the QR code placed on your table and just order food digitally with your mobile.

Step 1:

Skip touching of unsustainable menu cards – keep yourself safe by scanning the QR code (placed on your table) directly from your Feazy mobile app.

Step 2:

Order food from your Feazy app – Browse the restaurant menu and order online while at your table. (Don’t need to talk to the staff to place an order)

Step 3:

Contactless payment – Once the order has been done, pay the bill via your phone – safe and securely through UPI gateway.

contactless dining
Feazy working model

We believe that this shift is necessary for the food industry to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and combat the spread of COVID-19 and to have a contactless, hassle-free dining experience.

Some more benefits of FEAZY – Fast & Easy

FEAZY allows you to capture guest feedback easily. In case of any negative feedback, the restaurant manager is notified so that the problem can be dealt with in real-time to increase guest satisfaction.

Feazy also eliminates the need for menu cards and bill books. So, no more spending money on printing menu cards?.

Contactless Dining also ensures that consumers don’t have to wait to place their order or pay the bill. Thus, making the entire experience more seamless and convenient for the users.

And the good news is – The team at Feazy, is dedicated to their restaurant clients and not on Feazy’s profits. So, they are committed to keeping their services free forever to all their partnered-restaurants.

Our team is reaching out to restaurants to positively educate them about self-regulation and Contactless Dining so that when everything comes to normal, the food industry can inspire confidence in the public and usher a safer, more seamless era of contactless dining experiences.

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