Five Software Development Trends For 2019

If you were asked about the most demanded job across the world, what would be your answer? I don’t know your response but studies show software development is highly demanded than any other job in the world, but more so in the United States. There has been a claim that AI will soon substitute developers, but before then, there is much to learn in order to remain competitive in the business world.

With rapid changes in technology, the devices used to design custom software applications keep evolving. Consequently, technologies as well as various approaches to work get outdated, or at least less efficient compared to the improved alternatives.  That is why it is just so important for firms such as Svitla Systems software Development Company to keep pace with technological advancements and modify their skills in order to content customers’ needs and specifications. That said and done, the following are the top software development to take note of in the year 2019:

  1. Cybersecurity

The previous year was characterized by insecurity issues. Organizations were much more concerned if not terrified with dangers to data privacy as well as breaches of confidentiality. Will 2019 be an exemption? Not at all. If you are of the opinion that cybersecurity issue will soon disappear you are wrong. It professionals think cybercriminals will keep on pursuing vulnerability and victims.

For this reason, organizations, individuals and companies must consider fortifying their security system in order to safeguard their confidential information along with their servers and databases.  Statistics from various studies show probably 40-50% medium-sized entities were victims of cyber-attack in the year 2018. For this reason, focus more on data safety in 2019.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain technology no longer appears that hot because technology shifted just so fast. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic invention. It will be more useful in the healthcare and finance sectors in 2019. Besides, it will not only encompass crypto exchanges.  In addition, it will be used more in supply chain tracking. The first blockchain uses were more directed to financial services but nothing much has been achieved so far.

In the meantime, brokers of financial transactions continue to make huge profit margins. There is a need for disruption of the value chain, otherwise, the sector will keep lagging when it comes to the blockchain. The utilization of supply chain trucking will intensify in 2019 since all the involved parties gain from the use of distributed journal as well as the incontrovertible transaction advantages offered by blockchain. E to Consumers are able to warrant that they receive exactly what they ordered while sellers trace the path the products take.

  1. Cloud Servers

Cloud-based services will probably add another service hosted on the cloud. For instance, services that can operate as a cloud can include blockchain, virtual reality, and IOT among others. This move will present fresh and new opportunities for both developers and businesses.  There is yet a practical example: Amazon, Microsoft along with IBM have all designed BaaS, an acronym for Blockchain-as-a-Service, platforms and it is readily accessible to their cloud clients. At the same time, Google has acquired a blockchain technology entity, the Firebase, to cement a position in the market. Even though many individuals link blockchain to cryptocurrencies, the reality is the technology can be integrated into independent fields within the industry such as:

  • Smart contracts
  • Supply chain management
  • Healthcare data
  1. DevOps

While DevOps is perceived hot at the moment, it will be hotter in 2019. Each person desire to focus on feature improvement and remain calm, without doubts that server might collapse. If you are sick of designing features, turn to AWS or Docker, if not kubernetes. While DevOps has been in existence for more than a decade, it is still at the center of software development now.  The secret for new tasks is organizing your DevOps approach along with tooling as you reflect on how to design your application. Doing this will guarantee you all the benefits that DevOps offers.

  1. Cloud Agnosticism

Even though the cloud is just so powerful and permits users access to the appropriate computing power as well as services for their prevailing requirements, organizations try to avoid being locked into one cloud provider. This is because, once they are locked in, they are tied to cost changes and may face difficulties changing to another provider. If an application is properly designed, for instance, by means of containers, such tools as terraform, and container management, it is feasible to build an application which does not depend on a single cloud provider but can as well be ported to various providers with ease.


In this era, each sector must improve day in day out. The web development sector is doing all it can to help in this regard. Irrespective of the project you will be undertaking in the year 2019, update your knowledge and remain on top of the game.

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    Really beneficial in the blog .Technology will continue to evolve, and new ones will replace old ones. As a software developer, you must always be on the lookout for new trends in software careers. Learning new things will help you stay ahead of the curve and boost your profile.