GetResponse Vs AWeber: A Comparision Review

Bloggers and online business marketers requires a mailing list of their subscribers and I believe it’s the most crucial thing to build and manage mailing lists. Yeah! From huge corporate sites to small blogs or online businesses has started using this technique to market their product and increase their sales.

And then when it comes to the best email marketing provider, there are tons of providers online. Don’t be confused because today we are going to review the best ones from them. And thus will help you to select a best one as per your need.

The ones which we are going to review are GetResponse and AWeber. So here we go 😉

GetResponse Vs AWeber

  1. GetResponse and AWeber both are having good backgrounds which were started in 1999 and 1998. They both serves more than 300,000 customers. Also they are used by industry experts. So here no one is winner since both are having good backgrounds with not much differences.
  2. Both the email marketing providers offers a free trial. GetResponse does not asks any credit card or billing information. But on the other hands AWeber requires credit card information. They both a offer a 30 days trial. So here GetResponse wins.
  3. Both offers number of signup forms but I think GetResponse has simple yet attractive signup forms whereas AWeber has more than 140 signup forms which are not that much simple compared to GetResponse. In both you get a drag and drop WYSIWYG editor.
  4. GetResponse has easy to use interference and more user friendly compared to it’s competitor AWeber. AWeber is more inelegant. GetResponse provides not only easy to use interference but it’s attractive and more engaging for users.
  5. GetResponse has over 30 readymade Newsletter templates which focuses on dynamic and responsive newsletters. AWeber too provides readymade newsletter templates but they are not as dynamic and as responsive as GetResponse. Aweber is good if you want only text to be there in your newsletter. Both of them provides drag and drop editors. But I personally like GetResponse.
  6. GetResponse provides free resources like free list building guides, courses and webinars for all users including GetResponse University and Blogs. Whereas AWeber just provides simple guides.
  7. Both provides Auto Responder feature but GetResponse provides more features than just auto responder like you will be able to select when to send, or on clicking any specific link in email, upon some actions. You can also set your custom settings.
  8. RSS to Email is the most wanted feature in a email marketing provider. Both of them provide this feature. But GetResponse has only automatic RSS features whereas AWeber has both automatic and manual features.
  9. Deliver rate is also good in both the email marketing providers. I personally feel that Aweber is slightly faster in this feature.
  10. Uploading or importing contacts (mailing list subscribers) is pretty much easier in GetResponse. Aweber has a compulsory double optin feature which sends verification emails to the mailing list. So your subcribers has to re-verify. But GetResponse is simpe and has single-optin feature.
  11. Both provides an easy integration with other mailing list plugins. Aweber has more integrations with apps which is a good sign for developers. Further both provides self-installing codes and the emails are hosted on their servers.

Final verdict:

Both the email marketing providers are good but I personally prefer GetResponse due to it’s free 30 day trial without any credit card or billing details. And also they are having easy to use interference, readymade templates for newsletters and promotions. Also they have single optin and RSS feature. AWeber is also a good one but it’s behind it 😉 Aweber is useful for the users who are tech geeks but not the ones who have zero knowledge on the tech side. But GetResponse is much more user friendly.

This are my views. What’s your views on it? Did you liked the article? Have any suggestions/feedbacks? Just comment with here. We love to hear from you 🙂