Google Launches Its New Domain Registering Service – Google Domains

Hello Guyz! Did you heard that Google is launching its own Domain Registration services?If not then continue reading this post to check out the latest news and features of Google Domains.

The Search Engine King – Google Launched the Google Domains (invite only) on 24th June 2014.Earlier,Google did not had it’s own domain registering service,It used GoDaddy and eNOM for registering domains on Blogger and Google apps,But now it had launched its own Domain Services.

Currently it is still in invite only mode.That means you should have an invitation code given by them to access Google Domains.We will let you know when it launches publicly.

Google Domains is charging $12 for a new domain for a period of 1 Year.Check it out here :

Features of Google Domains :

1.FREE Private Registration :

Google Domains offers FREE Private Registration service when you buy a domain from it.This feature allows us to hide our data in domain registrars database.It is also called as guard.You can also get this feature for free when you transfer your existing domain to google.

2.Get Branded Emails :

You will get 100 Branded emails with your domain for free.You can create as many as 100 emails and can forward it to your existing gmail accounts.

3.New Domain Extensions :

New Domain extensions like .guru , .photography ,etc are going to be launched at Google Domains.This new domain extensions are not 1 or 2 but hundreds in quantity.So get ready to grab them.

4.Integrated Website Builders :

Google has partnered with some website builders like weebly to let users create stunning websites with zero knowledge of coding.It will help a lot for anyone to promote their business with a low budget.

5.Powerful Domain Management Tools :

It is packed with Domain tools like editing Nameservers,CNAME,A records,MX records,etc.Also Google made it simple and easy to edit DNS settings of a domain.

6.Domain Forwarding :

This feature allows us to forward a domain from and to our main domain helps us in maintaining our Business’s Branding.

Lets wait and watch when google is launching Google Domains publicly.Hope you too liked Google Domains Features.I’m excited to access it.

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