Google working on Google Glass 2.0

If you have never heard about Google Glass, you have probably been living in a cave. Of all the wearable technologies, Google Glass has been touted to be the most radical by some, and that is for a valid reason. This device is not like a smartwatch that you can look at when you wish to. This device is something that is always in front of your eyes, and can make you see things in a way that only the Google Glass can do. Although the Glass has come out for developers, it has not been launched publicly. Despite that, there have been news that Google is working on a version 2 of the Glass, which has been dubbed as simply, Google Glass 2.

Google working on Google Glass 2.0


Although the Glass was speculated to be axed from the potential Google product line (and rightly so), it turns out that the news told us something totally different. The Glass team has recently noted that they are becoming a full product team, which is an upgrade from being a plain testing ground. This is a good thing, because if we know that Google is getting serious about their Glass, we can be sure that good things are about to come in its way. It has always happened, when Google has focused on something in particular.

The prototype of Google Glass, which has been floating out for some time, has been seen as a clunky piece of gadget that could hardly be termed subtle. It was just a testing bed, now we find out. The new version of Glass is being called “Enterprise Edition”, and is slated to be released in 2016 itself. There have been no peeks by Google, and it is being developed highly secretively. The prices are supposed to be much lower than the original Glass, as this version is supposed to be a commercial version, and a $1500 price tag just won’t cut it for this product.

There have been reports that Google will no longer be using Texas Instruments chip in their Glass, but will be switching to Intel. Now that in itself shows that they get beginning to approach a showdown, and a collaboration with Intel can bring them some highly acclaimed chips which could give their Glass a significant boost. This would also boost the battery life, something that Intel is seriously working on.

Google working on Google Glass 2.0

A major change that Google is bringing to the Glass 2.0 is that they would make it subtler. You read that right. No more standing out from the crowd without any effort, being seen as a nerd (or a creep?). Google Glass 2.0 will be meant to blend in, and this comes as no surprise, as some other companies have demonstrated the use of display within the glass lens itself, and not through a separate thick piece of transparent horn that sticks out of your face. We wonder if Google will be using something on the lines.

Also, Google has given heed to the issue that people had, when they found it a bit tricky to see the Glass display, because it was stuck at the corner of their eye, as opposed to something that requires little effort to see. With a bigger prism, the display is supposed to be much more effortless in viewing. The Google Glass 2 is sure going to solve the issues that came with its bigger brother, and that is something we are all waiting for.

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