An Honest Piece of Advice From My Brother that Changed My Life

Saying that I love and live by tech in 2015 is like saying I breathe air. And that’s because we are surrounded by tech and there is no escape. Almost everyone has one interaction with a tech product/service each day.

But saying, I love tech in 1995 was something. 20 years back tech was not prevalent in homes or institutions. Like toddler’s today are used to touch, pinch and zoom etc gestures. We (Born in the 80’s) weren’t, we learnt it over time and mastered it. When most of my friends, cousins and schoolmates were busy cramming up history, economics or biology. I on the other hand was practicing programming day in day out. And the reason for that was my brother, he told me that as a programmer – I could create things, I could mend things and I could change the world. And he started saying it when I was in class 7th, though I’ll be honest that for a 10 years old me, his advice sounded more of an order. But as I grew and sensed how I was naturally inclined towards technology and always wanted to create something new or fiddle with the very existence of computer basics. And with my love for my tech growing each day, my brother advised me to make my passion, my practice. With practice, a programmer not only builds perfectly but more efficiently.

An Honest Piece of Advice From My Brother that Changed My Life

What I termed as annoying advices back then turned out to be best one’s I ever got. His advice altered my life and made me what I am today. Not only did I end up working as a programmer for the likes of Google and Microsoft but also have my own consultancy. Today, I earn thousands of dollars, meet people in Silicon Valley, speak at the best of tech shows all thanks to the those advices my brother gave to me.

I’m sure all of you have one such person in your life whose advice has altered your life for the better. So if there is someone who could change your life or if your advice changed someone’s life then please share it with us in the comments section below.

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