How AR & VR are changing the technological world

We think of Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) only as it relates to the world of gaming and sci-fi movies. We have witnessed how AR & VR, going to change how we look to the world in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) & many other sci-fi movies. And it’s quite fascinating.

We’re on the edge of a revolutionary shift that will change the way we live, work, and play. It will transform industries far and wide, ranging from healthcare and education, all the way to entertainment and commerce sectors. 

Augmented and Virtual realities

So far, we had an immensely great experience in the 2D internet world. We all are in love with our mobiles, tabs & laptops screens. Yeah! We all had come a long way… Now, it seems all of that is about to change. Look’s like the time for AR & VR is here. 

AR & VR is going to cash the world and will steadily cause a majestic shift in the way we surf, shop, and experience the web. It will dramatically modify the way we learn, live, communicate, and connect with others around the world. Future of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality is here.

Let’s understand what is AR & VR!

Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is to create a convenient and natural immersion image in the physical world. AR is an image processing system that will change the technological perspective. in simple words, the “Iron Man” style of interactivity. 

Augmented Reality
Example of AR

A view of a physical real-world environment with superimposed computer-generated images, thus changing the understanding of reality, is the AR. In other words, objects taking journeys (teleporting) from the physical world to the virtual world and vise-versa. 

Some examples of AR:– Vito Technology’s Star Walk app, for instance, allows a user to point the camera in their tablet or phone at the sky and see the names of stars and planets superimposed on the image. Like Google Lens, reads a text in an image. One of the vast sensation examples of Augmented Reality is PokemonGo. This game would allow you to see the Pokémon characters bouncing around in the Physical World

Augmented Reality

The future of AR looks as shiny as the sun. With Google introducing Google Glass an Augmented Reality SmartGlasses.

Virtual Reality? 

Virtual Reality technology builds out a simulated environment and effective tricks to your brain into believing you’re somewhere, but actually, you’re not. In simple words, this VR technology will make you believe that you are in a different world. It will make you swallow that, you’re teleported from physical world to virtual world. This is captivating right! 

virtual reality
Example of VR

A Virtual Reality environment generates a realistic non-physical universe. 

Some examples of VR:- Imagine being able to tour all seven wonders of the world by staying in your drawing-room, and walk around it completely in VR. Imagine you are looking to change your interior and you exactly can place your sofa without using any of your force and visualize it with VR. You can also walk-in make many changes in the virtual world later, you can later apply it in the physical world.

Another way that virtual reality is set to change the world is through experiential education. Imagine you wanted to know about the modern-day atomic model, you can now just visualize with sub-atomic particles and orbitals. And this thing we already knew, there’s a high potential for VR in Cinema experiences.  

virtual cinematic experince
Virtual Reality

You might think of Augmented Reality (AR) virtual reality (VR) only as it relates to the world of gaming. And while it’s true this unique technology is delivering an incredible experience that pushes the boundaries of the gaming itself, Though these technologies have huge potential in many other industries. There are many unexpected ways AR & VR is creating itself into the foundation of our modern lives.

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