You Can Also Become an Android Developer : Building Your First App

Hello Readers of Tech Glows.As per your requests we came up with the next part of how to develop android app.

After you have read about the Android Setup Tutorial here’s the next part i.e building your first dummy App.

How To Develop Android App – Beginners Guide


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How To Develop Android App – Beginners Guide

STEP 1 :

Open the Eclipse application and wait for the workbench to load up.



Step 2:

After getting this window click on File menu then select Android Application Project as shown below :


After clicking on the above you will get a window as shown below, and enter the exact information shown in the window along with selecting the Minimum SDK version which is the lowest version on which your app will run and Target SDK is the highest version.


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STEP 3: 

After this,click on the Next button for two times and you will find this :


Now upload your desired logo of the app by checking the different dimensions of it as shown above:


Now click on the Next button again Then you will find this :


Now click Next button again to go to the last window and then click Finish.

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It’s pretty easy. Don’t worry now by seeing so much of XML and Java Source text .

Now you have completed the DUMMY App  and you will find your project on the DEVELOPMENT folder you had created earlier .

Enjoy Exploring more !

Let me know in the comments below if you have any problem …..

  1. Hey Ankush thanks for sharing this amzing article with use . It helped me a lot now i can design a basic android app of me 🙂

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