How to Disable/Stop Videos from Automatically Playing on Facebook for Android & PC (Web version)

Hii friends,Did you know that Facebook recently changed its UI.This update has a new feature of automatically playing Videos.I think most of the Facebook users don’t like this feature.

It gets very irritating because of the automatically playing of unwanted videos and over usage of your cellular data connection.Facebook had provided an option to turn off this feature only when you are using your cellular data connection, but it can’t be stopped while using Wi-Fi connection.

So now you want to stop the automatic playing of videos on facebook when you are using facebook on cellular data connection.Here in this post i will be showing how to turn off this feature in Android and fully on Computer (web version) in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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How to stop the videos playing Automatically on Facebook for Android :-

1.Open Facebook app in your android mobile.

2.Go to app settings.

3.Navigate to “auto-play Videos on Wi-Fi” and Turn it On.

That’s it .Now Facebook will not autoplay videos untill you turn it off back when you are using cellular data connection.

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How to stop the videos playing Automatically playing on Facebook in PC (web version) :-

Facebook also had launched this feature in web version and here it uses flash plug-ins to automatically play videos.below is a guide on how to stop the automatically playing of facebook videos by blocking access to flash plug-in in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Steps to turn of auto play videos feature of facebook web version in chrome browser:-

1.Open your Google Chrome browser.

2.Go to Settings > Advancve settings > Privacy > Content Settings > Plug-ins then select “Click on play” and click “Done”.

That’s it.Now facebook will not auto play videos on Google Chrome untill you give permission back to it.

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Steps to turn of auto play videos feature of facebook web version in Mozilla Firefox browser:-

1.Type “about:config” in your address bar and hit enter.Ignore the warning.

2.Now search for “plugins.click_to_play” and Toggle it.

That’s it.Same here until you turn it on the facebook videos will not autoplay on mozilla firefox browser.

Thanks for reading this trick,please share and comment down if you face any problems.

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