How to Fake our GPS location in Android Without Root

Hello Readers of Tech Glows, today we are going to share a method to Fake our GPS location without the need of rooting.


Yes you can do it in just a couple of steps. Just Follow the below mentioned steps:

How to Fake our GPS location in Android Without Root

1. Download Fake Location Spoofer Free app from here.

2. Enable GPS location.

3. Go to settings then developer settings and click on allow mock locations. (If you can’t find developer options in settings then go in about section and click on build number 4-5 times)


4. Open the Fake Location Spoofer Free app.

5. Select the location you want to manipulate or enter the exact GPS coordinates and click on the play button.

That’s it. You’ve successfully changed your GPS location without root. To undo or revert back just click on stop button. Well, if you would like to get premium android apps for free then do check out TuTuApp.