How to Get Back Old Status Feature in WhatsApp

A few days back, Whatsapp had released a newer version of it. This update brings some new features such as Stories and some minor UI improvements. But with this new feature, WhatsApp has removed status. Yeah! And everyone started disliking it.

How to Get back Status Feature in WhatsApp

I felt that there’s no need of stories feature in WhatsApp. This is because stories feature is not new, It’s already there in Instagram and snapchat. Yet they added this feature but the sad thing is they removed the most important feature text status. They shouldn’t have done this. Every WhatsApp user out there was disappointed due to the removal of WhatsApp status feature.

Seeing the huge disappointment and demand for WhatsApp status feature, WhatsApp has again added it in their beta version. Yeah! You heard right you can get this feature right now.

So, keep calm as in this post I’m gonna show you can get back the old text status feature in your WhatsApp right now.
Actually, it’s very simple. You just need to update your WhatsApp to the latest beta version. So for getting the beta version probably there are two methods.

1. Download the latest WhatsApp beta version from here. (Reputed source)

2. Apply for the WhatsApp beta tester and get the newer version directly from play store.

Here are some screenshots of the newer version. Apart from getting the status feature back, WhatsApp has made some changes to their UI too.

How to Get back Status Feature in WhatsApp                           How to Get back Status Feature in WhatsApp

The video call and voice call buttons are now clearly separated and placed at the top right section. And the attachments icon is now placed beside the send button in type text bar present at the bottom.

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So, that’s it. Hope this post helped you to get back WhatsApp status feature and new UI. Please share this post and subscribe for more tech updates like this. Lastly, don’t hesitate to drop a comment regarding WhatsApp’s updates.