How to Get Back the Deleted Photos in Mac Devices

It is reasonable if you regularly delete the files including photos collected in your Smartphone. Too many files may make the device work improperly and it can even be really slow. However, it can be a big deal if those deleted photos are then known to be important. So, is it still possible to bring them back?

Sure, it is. Smartphone and other devices actually have been designed to keep the files that were once kept inside. Based on that fact, the deleted files are actually still not deleted completely. However, it needs a special process, yet, a system to make them back and accessible.


The easiest way to get back the photos and other files is by using a particular software. Well, if you look for a way to recover the data especially the Mac data recovery, you can follow some steps below.

Prepare the Devices

Of course, you must prepare all things needed first. They are the software, a PC, and the Smartphone. Free download and install Recoverit Data Recovery to your PC. Before launching the software, connect the Smartphone to the PC using a data cable and or any other connectors. It is also possible to recover the storage if the data is previously saved in the external memory or the memory card.

Launch the Software

After making sure that anything has been installed and connected well, it is the time to launch the software. Some options are simply available once you open this app. As information, Recoverit Data Recover is able to recover any data from all devices including from the PC internally. So, it is better to keep this phone photo recovery or data recovery software if in case you may need it later.

Select the Storage

Since there are some options of the storage displayed in the app, make sure to choose the storage in your Smartphone. It depends on where you’ve previously saved the deleted photos. If it was in the internal memory, click the button of the internal memory. Meanwhile, when it is in the SD card, choose it anyway.

Scan the Storage

After clicking the storage part, go to the “Next” button and then click it. Continue this process by clicking “Start”. The process of scanning is then started. If the photos have been deleted only some hours or some days ago, you can choose the “Quick Scan” option.

Some photos and maybe any other deleted files will then appear on the space available along with the previews. Look at them carefully and then click the photos you wish to recover. Next, click the “Recover” button so that the deleted photos are able to get back. Keep them in the storage.

Deep Scan the Storage

There are cases when this best data recovery is failed using this quick scan process. So, what must you do next? You should not worry; there is still a chance your photos are back by deeply scanning them.

For this deep scan, click the button of “All-around Recovery”. Using this feature, Recoverit is able to search for more photos or files from the storage. It is also recommended if you want to search photos that have been deleted a long time ago. Sure, it is with a note that the photos were previously saved and then deleted via the Smartphone.

The process of deep scanning may take a longer time. But once it is completed, the data found are numerous. Similar to what you have done in the quick scan process, see the previews at first. Next, click “Recover” to get them back.

Save the Files

After the process of the data recovery for Mac is over, make sure to save the files carefully in the right place. Those files actually simply get back in the storage where it previously was. However, to avoid it being lost later, it is recommended to copy them and then make some backups. Separating them into some folders is also necessary so that you will not accidentally delete them later.

It is not exaggerating to say that the software for data recovery is important to be installed. Sometimes, you can just accidentally delete the files including the photos. The worst case is when the deleted ones are really important and needed for your jobs and other matters. So, make sure to keep this app in your PC.

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