Record Your Android Device’s Screen [without Root]

Hello Everyone, Today I’m going to share a very useful trick to record/screencast your android mobile’s screen without root. Yeah! You can do this without rooting your mobile. There are tons of apps available as free and paid in google play store but they all need the phone to be rooted. unless and until you root your phone, you can’t screencast/record android mobile’s screen. But Don’t worry we have a solution for it. You can do this without rooting your phone. So read on to know about this trick.

How to Record Your Android Device’s Screen without Root

Some Information about this trick :

The Recorded video will be in 720p (1280×720) Resolution with MP4 format. So this video will be having no quality issues. Other apps work only if the mobile is rooted and records only a limited duration of time.(Those apps are needed to upgrade to premium plans to record without this limit). But here using this trick you can record your android mobile’s screen without rooting and that too unlimited duration of time. The best part is this trick doesn’t require any premium apps/software and thus its totally Free.

Requirements :

1. A Smart Phone running Android version 4.4 KitKat

2. A computer or laptop

3. Android SDK

So here is the guide .

How to Record Your Android Device’s Screen Video without Root :

1. First of all download and install the Android SDK software from here. (This software is available for both windows and mac. Its totally free and safe to use.)

2. Go to your Phone’s Setting then go to developer options and enable “USB Debugging” and “Show touches”. (if you can’t find Developer options in your phone, Just go to settings then about and then click 5 times the Build number. That’s it now you’ve developer mode enabled).

Record Android Screen without root

3. Connect your phone to the computer. In the phone there will be a prompt to give access to debugging, You just need to click ok there. Now your phone is connected to your system. (if your phone doesn’t show up, then you need to install necessary drivers for it).

4. Open command prompt or cmd in your computer by pressing “windows+R” and then type “cmd” there.(without quotes).

5. Navigate to the “sdk/platform-tools” directory in the cmd using “cd” command. It’s the folder where you’ve installed android sdk. By default it will be there in “C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools”.

It may vary in your case, as only you know where you’ve installed Android SDK. Below is a video showing how to do the process mentioned above in cmd.

6. Now Enter this command  adb shell screenrecord –verbose ./sdcard/screencast-video.mp4

If you get an error in this command type adb devices in the cmd to know whether your device is detected or not.

Now the screen recording will be started and you can proceed with your recording. When you want to stop this task, just press CTRL + C in the command prompt over there.

Voila! You’ve successfully recorded your android mobile’s screen without having the heck of rooting and its ultimately free 😀

Some more info :

The recorded video file will be saved in .mp4 format in your sd card or phone’s internal storage. Don’t search it in folders it will be there in the root directory. This same trick can be applied/used with tablets running Android 4.4 version.

Hope this tutorial helped you. If you are facing any problems while doing it, you can simply comment here your problem without hesitating. We are here to help you anytime. If you liked it, please share it 🙂

  1. its telling me to specify file type, even after following everything. not sure why its doing this, any thoughts?