How to Record/Capture your Desktop Screen Video using VLC Media Player

Hii friends I’m back with one more awesome trick that lets users to record their Desktop Screen using VLC Media Player.This media player is not just a media player,it is packed with many awesome features that most of the users are not aware of it .

There are lots of softwares for recording your Desktop Screen Video but most of them are paid.So this is trick for the ones who don’t want to spend money on buying such softwares and instead use VLC media player for recording their desktop screen free.

VLC media player is user friendly and absolutely free with lots of features compared to other media players.

Let’s start how to Record your desktop screen video using VLC Media player free.

What you will need?
VLC media player , if you don’t have this player installed on your computer,just download it from below link.

Download VLC Media Player

How to Record/Capture your Desktop Screen Video using VLC Media Player :-

1.Download and Install VLC Media Player on your PC and run it.

2.From VLC Media player’s Menu select Media

2.Then click on Open CAPTURE DEVICE.

3.A dialog box opens click on Capture Media tab and select Desktop from the capture mode dropdown.

4.Set frame rate.If you choose higher frame rate your video quality will be good.Click on the Play drop down menu and select Convert.

5.In the next dialog box select the audio and video format.

6.Then click on settings icon and new a dialog opens.Select video codec tab and set the bitrate 2500 kb/s and click on save.

7.In the convert dialog click on Browse to set the Destination file by just locating the place and giving it a name.

for example : file.mp4

 8.After that click on Start and VLC media player will start recording your Desktop screen.Then  to save it click on Stop button.

Conclusion: VLC media player is also a good desktop screen recorder.It outputs the filw with good quality and small size compared to other screen recorders.

  1. Great guide. I don’t know VLC can record computer screen. In my mind, it’s just a good video player. Thanks for sharing your experience. I used to create screencast with Acethinker online screen recorder, free and works like a charm. Share it here as an alternative to VLC player.