How To Secure Your Android Device Remotely

As everyone knows, Android is running under the maintenance of Google and they are releasing tons of features of satisfy their users. One of the mainly focused feature by Google is “Security”. Google wants their user’s data to keep it safe without any loss. That’s why Google has released “Android Device Manager” to keep their user’s data safe and secure.


What is Android Device Manager?

Android Device Manager is a Google tool which is developed for the security purpose. Whenever you lost your Android device somewhere, you can lock, ring or erase the complete data of your mobile using Android Device Manager.

There are 2 ways of using Android device manager. 1. From Website 2. From App.

Important Notes:

  1. Your device needs to be connected to working internet connect to use all the features of Android Device Manager or else you won’t be able to use any of these features.
  2. First you must have enabled the permission in your Android device to remotely locate and manage your device. Just go to Settings> Google Settings> Security> Android Device Manager and enable both options which is shown in Android Device Manager.

Using Android Device Manager From Website?

  • Go to Android Device Manager page and sign-in your Gmail account which is associated with your Android mobile.
  • Now Google will locate your Android Device and show you the result like this.
  • Now there are three options available there i.e. Ring, Lock and Erase.

how to use android device manager and secure your device

  • Ring: If you have lost your Android device in a small distance or in home, just click on “Ring” and your device will start ringing even it is in silent mode.
  • Lock: If you have lost the mobile somewhere else, just click on “Lock” and enter your new password or confirm it. Now your lost Android Device will lock with new password and no one will able to use it. If you have any extra mobile, then enter that mobile number where you will be able to attend a call and then add any recovery message as per your choice. Now the person who has stolen your mobile has only one choice i.e. “Call Owner” if he/she clicks on it, you will receive a call from the number who is keeping your mobile.
  • Erase: If you have any important data in your mobile and want to hide it with others, just click on “Erase” and it will perform the factory reset in your mobile.

Using Android Device Manager from App:


  • If you are unable to access the Android Device Manager from browser, then don’t worry. You can do the same thing from app.
  • Just download Android Device Manager app in any of your friend’s android mobile and install it.
  • Now Sign-in as “Guest” in the app and then manage your device remotely.

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Android Device Manager is very useful tool that every Android user should know. This tool can help you only if it is connected to any working internet connection. Hopefully Google may release this tool for offline users too.

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