How To Sell Products On Amazon Successfully

Amazon is a huge platform for the sellers, but it could be a better one for you if you know how to sell products on Amazon. You know that since it’s a big platform it has got more opportunities but at the same time, it has got more competition as well. You need to self-assess yourself and check where you stand amongst the sea of sellers on the Amazon platform. You need to find out the answers for declining sales and diminishing profits. In this 2019, you need to check out how you can make it big on Amazon. We will provide a few tips in this article which will guide you on how to sell products on Amazon. You need to remember that opportunity is there for you, since most of the products on Amazon are sold from Marketplace sellers, and you are one of those sellers.

How To Sell Products On Amazon Successfully

Now when you register your Amazon seller account, you get two options. One is an individual seller account, while the other one is the professional seller account.  When you register on Amazon as an individual seller account, then Amazon will charge their fee per unit. However, with the professional seller account, Amazon charges a subscription fee. If you are a serious seller on the Amazon platform and you have a target in mind, you should always opt for a professional seller account. You could make it big, only if you think big. Also, you get a host of reporting features with the professional account, that is not available in the individual seller account. With the help of this reporting features, you can do wonders for your business. You can analyze, where you went wrong, what you did better, and a lot more. For any business, reporting is a key requirement, and Amazon provides you the same with the professional account.

The next option you should look for is the fulfillment options. There are two options which you get. The first option is the self-fulfill. In self-fulfilled you need to send the product to the customer with your own selected carriers or some of the Amazon approved carriers. In both the cases, you can benefit from low cost of shipping in comparison to the “Fulfilled by Amazon” (FBA). Lower shipping costs definitely give you a higher profit, but it is also associated with potential risks, and it has limited options. First of all, there is no guarantee that the product will reach on time. Secondly, there is no guarantee that the product will reach the customer safely, without any form of damage. In case there is a delay or customer gets a damaged product, then you are the one who is going to suffer for this, as the customer gives a bad rating to both the product and the seller. While if you go with FBA, then definitely you pay a higher cost for shipping, you are entitled to host of options. First of all, your products will be available under Amazon Prime Shipping. That means the customer can opt for same day shipping, next day shipping or even 2-day shipping. Packaging will be done at Amazon’s warehouse. So, no delay and no damage, and what you get is a delighted customer. The best combination for you will be to get a professional seller account with FBA.

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Another strategy that you can implement is selling the products under your own private label. Amazon prefers the private label brands, and that is why it could be a good strategy to try out. Basically, you can just do market research, and pick certain products for rebranding and sell them under your private label. However, for a newbie, this might not be a recommended method as this needs perfect product selection strategy, which one can develop only with experience.

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