Here’s what happened at the IBM Developer Day 2019

The IBM developer day 2019 was held at Taj Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore. The event was like a festival for developers. It was very well organized.

The event kick-started with a keynote speech by Sriram Raghavan. Then a panel discussion on the future of open source by Ginni Rometty. It was full of energy with a focus on skilling, building new economy and leverage Data & AI to help clients & employees.

Apart from this, there were tech stalls which had interesting technologies developed by IBM fellows.

Here are the top 5 things that happened at IBM developer day 2019

#1. The football game controlled by neurotechnology

This was pretty interesting and fun. I got the chance to try this out. And to my surprise, it was really working. I could move the ball without any additional device for controlling it. I just used the focus. There was a device which I guess read my focus power and sent to that ball for moving. Overall, it was amazing tech.

#2. The TJ Bot


The TJ bot has already been there from some time. It is a DIY bot. Which can sense emotions using emotion detection technology, give weather updates, remember and remind things like an assistant, play songs, etc. Overall it was like Google assistant or Alexa but with emotion detection and the most important thing is it DIY. So even you can order this TJ Bot kit and make your own in no time. Also, since it is open source, you can tweak and play around with it.

#3. Machine Learning Model for Fairness & Robustness

This machine learning model was put up in a stall. It is the best model I’ve ever seen built for recognizing every minute details. Even if there’s Lots of disturbance in a picture, it could clean it and reproduce a new better image. Also, even a minute amount of detailing added on an image can be detected by this model.

#4. AR-based data visualization

AR-based data visualization

This was pretty interesting. So, normally we see our data in graphs in our two-dimensional screens. But with AR technology we can visualize the data in a new way. We can see it in a better and visually appealing way. Even team members from Remote areas can collaborate and discuss the data in real-time as they’re able to see it in Augmented reality. This can be used to change the way data analysis meetings are held.

#5. The Tracks – Cloud, Artificial intelligence, Block-chain.

So, there were three tracks going on. Cloud, artificial intelligence and Block-chain respectively. I’ve attended the cloud and Artificial intelligence tracks. And the sessions were worth attending. Especially the one given by Amol A Dhondse in Artificial intelligence regarding the evolution of AI. And In the cloud track, I loved the presentation of Dinesh Shetty, where he showed the working and implementation of micro-services. I never had an idea about how useful they are when it scaling an application without or less downtime.

Overall, the event was very fruitful. I got to learn many new technologies. New code patterns, design ideas and what not. Last but not least I got to interact with many fellow developers. IBM is very focused on developers. With their recent acquisition of Redhat. They are now focusing on open source products and giving back to the community.

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