Impact Of New Technologies Used In Marketing And Research In Business

It is known to all that when technology is used in any process or task there is sure to be an impact overall. Sometimes it can be a negative impact but that depends on how you use it. Otherwise, mostly the impact of technology is positive. The most significant impact is on the speed of the project and precision in work that it brings into.


In the world of business, whether it is for marketing or research, production design or creating a pricing model, use of technology has been noticeable. This has impacted both, the organization as well as the consumers.

The technology of today is far more developed than the yesteryears and mostly based on a few specific things especially when it comes to business marketing and research. These elements are:

  • Availability and use of big data
  • Use of a wide and diverse number of digital marketing channels
  • Use of several specialized digital marketing tools and software and especially
  • The use of social media. 

All these combined together have offered a substantial opportunity to the business marketing professionals.

The key points 

There are a few key points to know and discuss to recognize the variability of impacts technology has caused to the business landscape, especially in the field of marketing. This has affected both the organizations as well as the consumers in an equally diverse manner. These key points are:

  • Apart from the significant impact, ever-evolving technology has caused in the marketing aspect, it has noticeably impacted almost every facet of the business.
  • As for the organizations, they now have easy, better and more access to data of diverse kinds than ever before. Organizing and utilizing this data is the primary objective of modern organizations.
  • The business organizations now have even more options than before to choose from to reach to their consumers due to the availability of a wide variety of marketing channels ranging from social media networks to different distribution platforms such as YouTube.
  • On the other hand, consumers are also impacted by the use of technology and its changes in business marketing. Most particularly the consumers are now targeted by the organizations with more ads than ever before. They can now make a much better choice than before as all these ads are offered with higher relevance to the product as well as to their interests.

All these are the results of the huge amount of data the organizations can share now with the use of modern technology and tools. In short, it has resulted in ad blindness predominantly in the banner ads.

However, just like a coin has two faces, the use of technology also has a few cons that marketers need to be well concerned of. One of the primary concerns revolves around data sharing and its privacy.

It is for this reason when you want to use technology in your business marketing purpose you should take help from the experts.

Impacts on the organization

In general, the impact of the use of technology in business marketing is diverse as compared to other disciplines of any organization. Organizations can now manage more diverse marketing options than before but the notable aspect is that now the consumers are integrated more with the marketing information which was not the case in the years gone by.

From the perspective of the organization, technology has positively impacted:

  • The ability to gather information
  • The ability to organize marketing data
  • The ability to manage the different marketing channels
  • The reach to the targeted audience
  • The process of developing diverse formats of ad types of advertising assets. 

Now the organizations have easy access to more data and more marketing formats. They also have more online places for their disposal in order to communicate with their consumers. These online places include:

  • Social networks
  • Search engines
  • Blogs
  • YouTube videos and much more.

Therefore, as a marketer, the impact of technology should be considered carefully and find out what is the most important thing or approach to follow in order to maintain a full scope of the channels weighing it with the relevant options available. This will help them to utilize technology to the fullest and communicate in a much better way with their prospective and existing consumers.

The organizations can come up with different common formats while developing their marketing strategies and banner ads for different channels. These are:

  • Search engine results
  • Online reviews and ratings
  • Paid and organic social networks
  • Sponsored online retail content
  • Blog posts
  • Web development
  • Paid and organic online video content
  • Smartphone and tablet ad formats.

All these will help them to avoid the complexities that are usually associated with online dissemination of marketing supplies. 

Impacts on the consumer

If you consider the consumers, businesses marketing is now increasingly integrated into their everyday life. 

  • Any average consumer now has an increased data-driven and personalized exposure to more pertinent ad materials whether it is in Facebook advertising or Google paid search results. 
  • In addition to that, they also are exposed to different distribution formats and devices spanning from mobile phones, tablet, and computer browsers.

It is all due to the enormous amount of info available mainly from the social networks regarding their browsing behavior that has resulted in such a significant impact on the consumers, especially from the privacy point of view. 

The browser cookies and social networks allow the businesses to gather and utilize different types of data of the consumers such as:

  • What they prefer
  • What they want
  • What their interests are
  • What they watch on TV
  • Who their friends are
  • What their career paths are
  • What their buying journey looks like and lots more.

All of this information helps the businesses to create catered ads accurately albeit with valid concerns to their privacy.

To conclude

Ad blindness is perhaps the most interesting outcome of the use of modern technology in Too much of consumer exposure to sponsored content has raised their ability and chances to ignore the online marketing materials. Accosted with more content they now consciously as well as subconsciously ignore the sponsored ad content.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible for her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.