Interesting Computer Facts You Should Know Right Now

The computers are part of our day-to-day life, and we cannot separate the computers from our daily routine. Wherever we go, we can see the use of a computer to facilitate the complex task. From our grocery store to the airports, we can see the extensive use of computers to automate the tasks and increase the speed of work.

The computers, especially modern computers are helping us from last 15-20 years. From the basic use, we are here to use if for day-to-day functions. The last 15-20 years of the computers were so much exciting. There are many interesting things happened in this world related to the use of computers. In this post, I am sharing some of the most interesting computer facts that you should know. These exciting computer facts are unknown to the people.

Interesting Computer Facts You Should Know Right Now

  1. The Computers are very helpful in managing the world economy. The 92% of the total money on this earth is digital. The 92% of the currency of all countries is stored digitally on the computers. That is how you can transfer money from one mobile number to another without even needing to use real cash.  Only 8% of the total money is in solid form, i.e., Currency Notes and Coins.


  1. Merry Kenneth Keller was the Catholic Nun from the United States. She had a Master’s Degree in Physics and Mathematics. The Computer world knows her for the research on computer technology. She was the one who helped in developing the computer programming languages.
  2. The First supercomputer of the World, which was prepared by IBM in 1956, had a Hard Disk or the storage device which weighs nearly 1 Ton. The Storage Capacity of the Hard Disk of the First Super Computer was merely 5MB. Now we have 250g Hard Disks which can store 500GB of More data. The normal computers are coming in low-weight configuration with light-weight computer parts.interesting-computer-facts-you-should-know-right-now-2-compressor
  3. There is no computer which is more efficient than the human brain. If a computer was designed which can compete with the human brain, it has to process more than 38 thousand Trillion Processes in One Second. That is a hell lot of processing power in our brain.
  4. The US Postal service has to use the human address deciphers to know the address written in the letters. The computers are unable to read the addresses written on the Postcards and packages due to sophisticated writing. So, the Postal Services hired humans to do the work instead of computers.
  5. When using the computers, the human seems to give more concentration to the work they are doing on the computer. On the standard rate, an average person blinks nearly 20 times in a minute. But when using the computers, it decreases to the 7-8 blinks per minute. Computers are getting more attention than real life. :p
  6. An average typist works very hard at the office on his keyboard or typewriter. The Fingers of average typists travels nearly 12.5 miles per day. This is the rate of travel of the finger of an average typist. The advanced typists are much more efficient, and their fingers move more miles than anyone else’s fingers.
  7. The World Wide Web, which is one of the main reasons we use computers is expanding very rapidly. Nearly 1 million domain names are registered per month. Means, nearly 1 million websites go live on the Internet/World Wide Web in each month.
  8. The commonly used keyboard layout around the world is QWERTY. Most of the people are now using the QWERTY keyboards. But, in the efficiency, the DVORAK layout of the keyboards beats the QWERTY keyboards. The DVORAK keyboards are more efficient and nearly 20 times faster than the QWERTY Keyboards. This is the shocking computer related fact for me.
  9. The Super Power country, United States of America used a simple Passcode for their nuclear missiles. The USA used “00000000” as the Passcode for the Nuclear Missiles and that too for the eight years. That’s amazing computer fact for me.
  10. The use of computers or even the proposal of use of computers in work can get you fired. Don’t worry! That time was gone when the Pixar CEO John Lasseter who was working in Disney before joining the Pixar was fired because proposal of using Computers for the animation. He proposed the extensive use of computers for Disney animations instead of traditional methods. But, the management did fire him for that proposal.
  11. We know most of the computer viruses as the wrong. But, there was one amazing computer virus, which was good for Windows Operating systems. There was a computer worm which could gain access to the Windows XP OS and then download a Patch from Windows Update to block the vulnerability. The “Good Worm” repaired the system from possible vulnerability and virus attack.
  12. The age cannot decide the intelligence of any human being. The Genius child can make elders go crazy. Once, a 15-year old boy hacked into the NASA Systems, and that caused a 21-days shutdown of all of the NASA computers.
  • Conclusion:-

What do you think about these amazing computer facts? I was amazed after knowing these interesting Technology Blog. I hope you’ve got an addition in your general knowledge after learning these amazing facts about computers. If you loved these facts, please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

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