Be a Part of IPledge Campaign and Develop Good #MobileManners

Everyone has a phone nowadays. You will surely be considered as a dumb person if you still use an old handset. So, people started spending more time looking into the smart screens.

Have you ever heard about Mobile Manners? It’s the etiquette to be followed while using the phone. You have to develop some good Mobile Manners in this digital world.

What will be the first thing you do when you get others’ phones? Most probably, you will open the gallery, and then messages and you won’t leave WhatsApp unopened, I know. These are not good Mobile Manners.

Most of us don’t know how to use our phones let along others’. So, in order to make everyone aware of the good mobile etiquettes, Acer has launched IPledge campaign. You don’t have to pay anything to be a part of the campaign.

The only requirement is to take a pledge which projects the idea of good Mobile Manners. And I hope, you know the meaning of pledge, don’t you??

Pledges are not meant to break. It is not only meant to make also. Their motive is to mold a group of people who really know how to use mobile phones.

Some of the Mobile Manners

#1. Never peep into someone else’s mobile phone when they are using.

#2. Don’t be busy with your phones when people interact with you.

#3. A big NO to smartphones during the food time.

#4. Reduce the screen time and use the extra time for something useful.

#5. Don’t talk louder on phones and disturb others.

#6. Keep your phone in silent mode or flight mode when you are around public silent zones like religious places, hospital etc.

#7. Never use your phone while you drive.

#8. Make sure you prioritize tasks and give less priority to playing games.

#9. Try to accept calls from your friends and relatives. Don’t forget to call them back if you miss.

#10. Turn off Data Connection when you don’t use it.

Here is my Mobile Manners Oath

My #MobileManners Pledge

“I hereby take an oath to uphold the mobile manners and keep the dignity of a gentle smartphone user. I will never open others social media accounts and apps when they hand over their phone to me. Also, I will take conscious efforts to reduce my screen time and to interact with society. I hereby promise that I won’t use phone while I am driving.”

Have You Taken Your Mobile Manners Pledge?

I have taken my pledge. Haven’t you taken yet?? Then, this would be the perfect time. Head to this page ( to know more.

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