Mobikin Assistant for Android – Best Tool to Manage Everything on Your Android


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On November 17, 2014
Last modified:July 23, 2015


Mobikin Assistant for Android - Best Tool to Manage Everything on Your Android. It provides awesome features like Managing Applications, Backup for Images, Photos and Videos, Backup for Contacts, Backup for Messages, etc.

When we talk about android there are a lot of Android users in the world like 90% of the population uses android based smartphones. Not only because they are cheap actually they are even cheaper than the price of a camera or your nice handsome wrist watch. Nowadays everyone uses their phone for texting, taking images, videos or for listening to music, etc. What will you do if you will lose them all in a second, how will you recover? For that, you can use Mobikin Assistant for Android which is a very good PC suite for android users, I will be explaining its each point that why it’s the best.

Mobikin Assistant For Android

Installation and Setup

Installation for this android suite is very easy. It’s not like other suites, I mean that in other suites you need to manually find, download and install all drivers required by your PC to work with your mobile phone with an active internet connection while installing them. But in this suite you just need an active internet connection while installing it. Then connect your phone, and it will automatically detect the required drivers for your phone that are required for the computer to work with your phone and will automatically install it. Then you will be able to use the suite. (See the image provided below)

Mobikin Assistant For Android

Backup for Messages

Messages, these are the most important for us. As these carries our most important conversation which we are unable to do on phone call or when we are busy. This carries very informative stuff like some messages from our loved ones or some from our boss or some for meeting. What will happen if we lose all of them in just a click or in a format without thinking of it? for that we can use Mobikin Assistant which will help us to take a backup and will also help you to take out print outs of all the important message which we want to save for future details.


Backup for Contacts

Contacts, these are also important for us because we build up a relation (not love sometimes friends too :p ) with someone and take their number and save it. We do it for 1000s of people what will be your reaction if you will lose all your 1000s of contact ?. What will you do at that time, for this there is a solution called Mobikin Assistant from which you can take backup of all or limited contact of which you want to. You can easily do it for your Samsung galaxy device which means you can backup contacts from Samsung Galaxy to PC.


Backup for Images, Photos and Videos

When we talk about the backup of image, videos, and music files, it matter a lot to us because when we have free time we usually use to listen to music watch out videos and image on our phones to spend our time the best. What will you do if you lose all the picture music and videos in a phone crash or something else, how will you recover? For that you can use Mobikin Assistant which will help you take backup for all the images videos and music.

Managing Applications

You can also manage your android applications from Mobikin Assistant, it automatically uninstalls the apps which are not used for one week or more and free up some space which helps your phone to run fast. You can also add applications in your phone with this android suite as it provides a play store in it to install apps.(see the image below)

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  1. Hello Ghani,
    I have never used this Mobikin Assistant before but I am sure that this is what I was looking for. If it really works the way you explained, I am gonna use it for sure. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

    • Hello Rabia,

      I’m Glad that you liked it and I’m pretty much sure that this software will really help you 🙂 .Thanks for commenting. Stay tuned with us for more reviews and tech updates.

      Abdul Ghani.

  2. Kathula Santhosh

    Hii Abdul Ghani.
    Thanks for sharing this article bro. This is really worked for my Android Smartphone.