Movavi Video Suite Review: The Best Video Maker

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On December 25, 2014
Last modified:July 23, 2015


Movavi Video Maker is the best of all, it comes with easy to use tools to create stunning videos. It's very fast, easy to use and user friendly.

Hey! We are back again with an amazing software. Aren’t you crazy about making your films, short movies, extraordinary clips, etc ? Yeah! But the fact is you feel difficult to edit those videos. You’ve a good potential for making video clips but have no idea about video editing. Well! Today I’m going to share an awesome piece of video editing software which is easy to use and user-friendly.

We are talking about the Movavi Video Suite, Its an all-in-one tool for creating your awesome clips/movies. So be ready to know the best features of this software.

Top 8 Features of Movavi Video Suite :

1. Create Professional Videos from home videos.

Create Professional Videos from home videos. Movavi Video Suite Review

Movavi Video Maker is the best of all, it comes with easy to use tools to create stunning videos. You can split videos without having fear of losing quality. Overlay Audios, Videos and Text to your movie to make more than a recorded video. You can add as many as layers of music tracks and text. Play with video filters and effects from over 30 pre-loaded one’s. You can a give an old look or a rocking look to your video within just clicks. Yeah! Just have fun with all those effects like posterize, stripe, fine edges, camera shake, smooth transitions, colour brush, split, zoom, etc. The one which I like a lot from all of this effects is the chrome key, Magic Enhance and the functionality to work with 3D videos.. unlike other video editors, Movavi Video Suite is very easy to use and needs no extra knowledge.

2. Create Awesome Slideshows with music.

If you’re having some old pictures of your friends, family and acquaintances and want to make a memory of them, then this tool will give you the exact thing what you’re thinking right now. Yeah! You just need to select your valuable pictures and import them to video maker. This images will be converted to a slide show with awesome effects and a playback sound of your choice. You’ll have full control over the timing, selection and setting. Just have fun and keep your memories with you forever.

3. Convert Videos and Audios to any format.

Convert Videos and Audios to any format Movavi Video Suite

After Creating your movie or while creating your movie, you need not to be worried about the file format. Just Sit back and movavi will convert your audio/video file to any format you like to be working with. You can choose around 180+ different file formats. Unlike any other video/audio converter it’s very fast and its having a ready made preset for mobile devices too.

4. Burn the video to a DVD/CD/Blu-Ray.

Why not burn your awesome video? Hell! You have to use other burner softwares for performing this task in other video suites. But Movavi is not like that it provides you an option to burn your movie to a DVD/CD and Blu-Ray too. Wait! You can also burn 3D videos.

5. Record videos from your webcam/External Device with sound track.

Record videos from your webcam/External Device with soundtrack movavi

It gives another awesome feature to record videos right from webcam in high quality with audio too. Well, okay! But what if you want to capture your video from your camera or your smartphone and directly work on it in the video editor? Hey! This feature is also provided in this video suite, you can capture your movie from an external device and can immediately work on it. You just need to connect it to your system and continue 😉 .

6. Capture your device’s screen with sound over.

 Capture your device’s screen with sound over Movavi Video Suite Review

An another feature which helps you to screencast your computer/laptop’s screen with sound. This feature will help you a lot when you want to post a video tutorial in your blog or Youtube. Well it’s having the capacity to record in HD format too with good voice quality.

7. Uploaded Edited videos directly to Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo.

So now you’ve created your movie with movavi video suite now you want to upload it to a social networking site like youtube, facebook, vimeo. Well, don’t worry, it provides you this feature also. After saving your movie you can directly upload it to your favorite social networking site in just a click.

8. Gives you Ultra Fast Performance.

With all these awesome features what if your computer gets slow and you could not make your movie. Don’t worry Movavi is not like other softwares that consumes lots of resources of your system and makes it slow. It’s very fast and gives you ultra fast performance.

Final Verdict :

I personally tried out this software to edit my videos and make slideshows. It’s very fast, easy to use and user friendly. Don’t worry about the extra knowledge of video editing, just go ahead and make use of this awesome piece of software.


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