NEET Preparation- 8 Benefits to Prepare in Online Mode

NEET is the gateway for admission to medical colleges of India for anyone who is aspiring to become a doctor. It is a common single national level entrance test for admissions into medical courses like MBBS and BDS at UG level and courses like M.S, M.D at PG level. Nearly, 355 government and private colleges and around 300 dental colleges are considering NEET scores for admission into their medical courses.

NEET Preparation- 8 Benefits to Prepare in Online Mode

Now, an exam with such a stiff competition obviously requires the aspirants to have a great level of preparation and the required skills to achieve those goals. Daily practice and constant revision are the essential factors needed to crack NEET exam. We are living in an era of digitization, where everything happens at just the click of our fingertips, so, why waste our time and energy on conventional mode of preparation like books and daily classes?

Why not do the preparation the digital way? Online preparation offers the flexibility to students to choose and decide whenever they wish to study as per their convenient timings as the facilities are available 24*7, saves their money and is also a hassle-free medium of preparation as one does not need to take the trouble to go and attend classes every single day at stipulated timings.

Students can engage themselves in practicing online mock tests to analyze their performances. Many institutions have also started offering live classes and recorded YouTube videos which they can access very easily at almost zero or very low minimal costs.

8 Benefits to Prepare in Online Mode:

Here, we present to you some of the major prominent benefits of preparing for this examination in an online way.

  1. Budget Friendly:

Online courses could prove to be very pocket-friendly as they are very cost effective since most of the courses are at a very minimal or low cost when compared to the traditional offline classes. And going for these coaching institutes in cities which are major educational hubs, charges can go up to a whopping 1 lakh including the lodging and boarding which seriously is not affordable for everyone.

Even if one enrolls for physical classes in the same city, the travel costs associated with it can be easily avoided if the same is done through online classes. Also, unlike traditional offline classes where you get to listen to the class only once, the online classes are present as live classes. These recorded sessions can be replayed and you can learn from them until you are clear about a topic. The registration fees for these online courses are also very minimal.

  1. Customised Preparation Pedagogy:

As it is e-learning courses, you get a choice of customizing your courses as per your choice, unlike the regular offline courses. If a student does not want to opt for online paid classes they also have the choice to go through free videos available online if they are aware of their strong and weak areas. Live classes are available for students even on a one-to-one basis so students can make use of them and gain a better understanding of topics.

  1. Self-Paced Learning: Slow or Fast as You Like:

Time management is a very crucial aspect in preparation of NEET. Many students often find it difficult to cope up with the pace with which teachers teach in the traditional offline classes. Sometimes, they feel shy to even clarify their doubts as they are too afraid of what their peers might think about them. However, with online classes, this problem can be solved. Students can prepare at their own pace as they like and prepare a schedule and study any topic and any area at a time whenever they wish to prepare it. Most of the classes offered online to give you the freedom to choose schedule and timings as per your own ease and convenience.

  1. Exposure to Top-Notch Faculties:

Online coaching centers ensure that you are not devoid of the great expertise offered by experienced faculties in traditional classes. The live classes on these online platforms are conducted by retired professors having strong domain knowledge, and also tutors who have sound subject knowledge are well versed in all the subject and current threads. Also, online classes provide you access to diverse facilities gathered from nationwide which makes it convenient and easy for students to decide and choose from.

The classes constantly work on the syllabus, analyze it and understand the previous year paper trends and design a collaborative syllabus in accordance with all these factors. These online courses also provide special doubt sessions to students where they can clarify all their doubts and even provide extra classes to those who feel they are lagging behind or the students who need extra attention due to various factors such as low confidence. They also provide special tricks and shortcut techniques to clear the exams.

  1.  Comprehensive Practice Sets and Mock Tests:

Online classes also offer you several practice and mock tests in a huge number which might not be provided by regular classes to such a great extent. Online classes have a great emphasis on mock and practice tests on a regular or almost daily basis which provides the feeling of giving a live exam to the students. Also, mock tests are conducted by these online institutions both at state and national level.

After the mock exams, students are also provided with answer keys along with solutions and feedback. This gives one the opportunity to gauge their performance levels and know where they stand. This gives them ample time to understand and rectify their strong and weak areas and work upon areas which need further preparation. They also get a fair idea about the competition level they would face during the actual examination and in the process of constantly giving mocks they become completely habituated to the exam pattern. It also helps in reducing the nervousness of students as they already get used to giving these mock tests.

  1. Convenience and Flexibility:

Most of the online classes are very flexible. If you go to a traditional class, you are forced to buy the entire package covering the whole syllabus of NEET, but online classes provide you the options to pick only the subjects you wish to study. NEET preparation at UG level is done by students majorly along with their school studies. Many times, students find it quite tough to attend classes after their school hours where they may not be at their highest energy levels.

However, these troubles can be avoided with online classes as they can be taken at any time of the day be it morning, afternoon or night as per their own convenience. One can ideally opt for online classes as they are so convenient and can be simply accessed at the touch of fingertips on a laptop or PC or even tablets and Smartphones. Also, what can beat the comfort of being at home and attending the classes as per utmost comfort and ease?

  1. Barrier-Free Learning Experience Right at Your Doorstep:

Gone are the days, when you had to move to big cities or educational hubs to join institutes for your preparation. That is the biggest advantage which online classes offer. Be it a rural city or small city you can connect and prepare for NEET with top institutions present online anytime and anywhere. The advancement of technology, to a great extent, has helped to bridge the gap between students and tutors.

The Internet offers a plethora of options with so many classes to prepare for your exam. You do not need to travel anywhere and can study right at your home that too from trainer expertise tutors irrespective of whichever place you are staying in.

  1. User-Friendly Graphic Visualisations and Easy Accessibility to E-contents:

In offline classes, the teaching pedagogy is usually through black-boards and markers which may or may not provide a clear demonstration of a particular topic. However, when you go the online way you can come across a lot of visual representations which provide a better and a crystal-clear demonstration of topics. Also, in physical classes sometimes external environment can have a huge impact on the class such as too many students in the class or if students are talking or any other external disturbances can hinder your concentration and you may not be able to pay full attention to class.

But online classes focus on an audiovisual approach where it becomes easier for students to pay their whole attention and concentrate better on the class. One can also replay the classes, rewind them and listen to it again at any point in time to gain a clearer understanding.

So, if you are someone who would prefer going the online way for preparation, hope our tips help you with your preparation of NEET 2018.