On Alert:  Network Monitoring Could Save You a Lot of Headache

If your network is down even for a short while, this could have dramatic consequences in case your job or business depends on it. Network monitoring is the perfect solution – not only does it alert you whenever trouble ensues, it also helps you diagnose and fix the issue. Apart from this, there’s a plethora of reasons to set it up:

  1. Detect problems before they disrupt your operations

When you monitor your network with alerts and dashboards, you can spot a potential problem before it gets out of hand. For example, if something is configured incorrectly, the software will alert you and let you know what you need to do to resolve the issue. Modern network monitoring solutions are quite user-friendly and easy to interpret even if your technical knowledge isn’t up to par with the industry standards.

  1. Avoid data breaches

A data breach can easily bring any business to its knees. Lawsuits, bad press, damage to your reputation… you don’t even want to picture it. Here’s where a network monitoring solution comes in; with its help, you’ll easily be able to spot when something is out of the ordinary (a spike in traffic, an unusual device being connected, and so forth).

  1. Gain control over what’s going on in your company

It’s estimated that there will be 20.4 million active connected devices by 2020. Ranging from temperature sensors, cloud technologies, and all the way to smart refrigerators, these devices are not secure unless you go the extra mile to make them. Besides, with the sheer number of them you’re likely going to deploy in the following years, how are you going to manage it all without a dedicated network monitoring software?

  1. Save time and money

Trying to diagnose a network problem manually will eat away at your precious time until there is little of it left to allocate to more important matters or projects. Don’t you find it annoying when a network issue demands the undivided attention of your entire staff? Not having to allocate your entire crew to diagnose it and come up with a solution will allow you to save on your resources and spend them in a much smarter way.

  1. Fix network issues within moments

A network monitoring solution won’t merely allow you to diagnose network issues within moments, but also fix them without losing too much time. With the help of live maps, for example, you’ll be taken to the root of the problem in a graphical manner. Better yet, the software will be able to fix the problem all on its own, without needing any kind of human intervention whatsoever. So much for having to be an IT professional when attempting to fix a network issue!


Network monitoring solutions are the bread and butter of what managing a modern business is all about – flexibility, freedom, and simplicity. If you choose the right tool, you’ll become more confident as a leader, knowing full well that a temporary network disruption can be dealt with quickly and easily.

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