Rail Yatri App Review: A Must Have App while Travelling in Indian Trains

RailYatri Train Journeys were not so Easy.We are living in a smartphone era. Everybody now has a smartphone and they can’t live without one. It has become an inseparable part of our lives that detachment seems like death for many.

In such a scenario, companies are working on developing their own mobile apps (we have seen some brands ceasing mobile websites). So, I am going to introduce a new Android app to you, that’s RailYatri. If you travel often via train, this will be your perfect companion.

We often see that trains do not follow a strict time to reach a particular station. Sometimes, it is late by an hour and some other times a few hours. Sadly, some trains get cancelled due to natural calamities and stuff. The official railway website gives you very dew insights on train transport. If you want to know where your desired train reached now, you can’t find out that.


So, a dedicated tool for this purpose was very much important. But now you can dance with joy. Here comes, RailYatri. Yes, it’s comparatively new in this mobile application game. But I can surely state that RailYatri has passed its infancy. Their interface has become user-friendly and with the latest update it got sheer elegance too.

You will get a complete timetable using which finding the schedule of any train is easy. Plus, you can find out the trains that connects two stations. It is also possible to track a train using GPS connectivity so that you will get an idea of where a particular train is at that time.

Checking PNR status has been made very easy through it, you just need to enter your pnr number and you’ll get pnr status instantly. Seat availability is a useful feature. Determining whether you can get a seat or not was never so easy.

RailYatri has a built-in fare calculator. You only need to insert the train number and it will show you the fare for the entire route. The toggling options are available on the app itself and you can use it to get different pricing packages.

Rail Yatri App Review

I have found some unique features also. Apart from GPS tracking, you can get to know the speed of a specific train. Wondering how? RailYatri has got more than 1 million users. The data from their phone is analyzed and displayed as final result.

Plus, RailYatri includes the details of local trains through 11 cities. Live train running status gives you an overview of when a train reaches a particular station.

I have only described very few features of this fantabulous app. You have got many to explore. So download today without any hesitation and be a ninja in rail transport.

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