Why RevenueHits is one of the Best Adsense Alternatives?

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On January 7, 2015
Last modified:July 23, 2015


RevenueHits is really the Best Adsense Alternative. I personally use this for my niche blogs and earned a good sum of money. There's no payment delays and it will not ban your account unlike adsense.

Hello Readers of Tech Glows, I hope everyone had read and liked our previous article about Adsense alternative. Many of the blog readers had already joined it. Well, Today I’m going to introduce you one more Ad Network which can be used as an Adsense Alternative or along with Infolinks. So read on to know about it. Here I’m Discussing about the leading Adsense Alternative RevenueHits. Yeah! It can be used as an Adsense alternative. But why? See below –


So What is RevenueHits?

RevenueHits is a Reputed Ad Network that helps publishers to generate income using the Contextual and Geo-Servicing Ad Technology. It pays around $30 eCPM 😀

What’s the Difference between RevenueHits and Adsense?

AdSense serves rich media ads using banners and ad slots. But using this Ad Network you can not only monetize your site/blog but can also monetize toolbar, widgets, add-ons, IM applications and many more.

Why RevenueHits is one of the Best Adsense Alternatives?

Top Reasons to Choose RevenueHits Rather than Adsense

1. Its very hard to Get Adsense Approval (if you have low quality site) But revenuehits approves all most all applications instantly. No need to wait longer.

2. Your Adsense Account can be banned at anytime due to any invalid activity. They are having tons of terms and conditions if you directly or indirectly violate their terms they will immediately ban your account. Moreover your enemies can perform click bombing resulting in instant ban of your account. But here comes the good part RevenueHits doesn’t have too many strict policies unlike Google Adsense. So now worries 😀

3. Google Adsense doesn’t support paypal and other payment options. But this Ad network can pay you through paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer too 😉

4. Even if you get your adsense account successfully approved but you need to confirm your home address which charges $10 and most of the times the confirmation PIN doesn’t reach us. So I think its waste of time. But here this ad network doesn’t require any account confirmation like adsense and no extra charges. They will directly pay you through your selected payment system.

5. The minimum Threshold Limit in Google Adsense is $100 😛 But here Revenue hits is having $50 payment threshold limit. This will be a very helpful feature for publishers whose earning is low.

Top Features of Revenue Hits

RevenueHits is one of the Best Adsense Alternatives

For Publishers :

  • Different new innovative types of ad to choose from Banner Ads, Slider Ads, Pop-up Ads, Ads for Apps and Widgets, Interstitial Ads and many more.
  • High Payout with eCPM $30 😉
  • Its having a very Easy to Use interface.
  • It makes use of Geo-Targeting to provide you more Revenue .
  • High performing Ads, no ad is non functional.
  • Customisable Ads and different Ad formats with full control over it.
  • Different Payment Options are available like Paypal Payoneer and Wire Transfer.
  • Less Payment Threshold Limit.
  • Last thing its free, no sign up fees.

For Advertisers :

  • Self Service, anyone can buy high quality traffic.
  • Global Reach giving more exposure to your business/service.
  • Cross Platform Support.
  • Multiple Categories/niches available. Like gaming, dating, services, internet, shopping, mobile, entertainment, Software, travel and many more.

How to Join RevenueHits?

1. Go to RevenueHits.com and Sign up as a publisher if you want to advertise on your blog/sites/apps. Click Advertisers if you want to sign up as an Advertiser.

2. Click Signup to become a publisher.

3. Fill Up the details.

4. Confirm the account activation from mail.

That’s it now you’re a part of its publishers network. Go ahead create your ad unit and integrate it in your blog/site/apps/widgets, etc.

How to Create your first ad in RevenueHits?

After creating your account follow below steps to create your first ad unit.

1. Navigate to Dashboard.

2. In the Right Sidebar click “New Placement”.


3. From the drop down menu select the type of ad unit you want to create.

4. Give your ad a name, select the size of the ad unit.


Click on save. That’s it. Now you will be given your ad code. Implement this code wherever you want the ad to appear.

Final verdict :

RevenueHits is really the Best Adsense Alternative. I personally use this for my niche blogs and earned a good sum of money. There’s no payment delays and it will not ban your account unlike adsense. There’s no charge for signing up and there’s no strict policies like adsense. So what are you thinking? Go SignUp and Earn Dollars 😀

Sign up now for revenuehits

What do you think about this Ad network? Aren’t I Correct about this review? Comment down with your feedback.

  1. Hi Abdul,
    Thanks for sharing such a great alternative. When my Google adsense account got disable I was totally disappointed. But this give me a hope. I will try it and will share my experience regarding Revenuehits.

    With regards,

  2. hello sir you say that revenue hits is best alternative I also thought same as you but its wrong before two months they were publishing phising pages in my blog and google blocked it so be careful.

    example link : rhtag.com
    I dont know the exact link but it began like this

  3. Hello all, I want introduce this ad network: Adtomatik. I highly recommend it because I’m using it for the last three months and got very good results, highest fill rates and better ecpm than others ad networks.?

  4. Awesome article. Yeah, Revenuehits is really awesome. If you are not getting adsense approval, you can check out this post to get approved faster.


  5. Hey, I appreciate this post. Google Adsense, Yahoo/Bing ads, and Info Links seem like the best 3 choices in my opinion. Info links I’m thinking of putting on a certain part of my website now (generally, I wouldn’t recommend people using them, because they can be annoying). Thanks.

  6. Last month I sign up for chitika publisher account. My two website were showing pending gold level application. But Now I am not able to signing in Chitika publisher Account. I don’t know why chitika not showing last 30 days my account update? What’s wrong with him.